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Dear Colleagues,

As you know, today 27 October is World Day for Audiovisual Heritage. FIAF and many of its affiliated archives are proud to be taking part in this important initiative. Huge thanks to those of you who have sent us the programme of their celebrations. We are finishing the document reporting all your events and we will send it out shortly.

On the occasion of this special day, FIAF has signed a New Declaration by the CCAAA. The text of the Declaration is reproduced below. The PDF file of the Declaration, signed by our President, is downloadable HERE.

Best regards,

Christophe Dupin
FIAF Senior Administrator
Rachael Stoeltje
FIAF EC Representative to CCAAA

* * * * * * *

Chers Collègues,
Comme vous le savez, nous célébrons aujourd'hui la Journée mondiale du patrimoine audiovisuel. La FIAF et nombre de ses affiliés sont fiers de prendre part à cette importante initiative. Un grand merci à tous ceux d'entre vous qui nous ont envoyé le programme de leurs festivités. Nous sommes en train de terminer le document qui présentera le programmes de vos célébrations, et nous vous l'enverrons sous peu.
A l'occasion de cette journée spéciale, la FIAF a signé une nouvelle Déclaration du CCAAA. Le texte de la Déclaration est reproduit (en anglais) ci-dessous. Le fichier PDF de la Déclaration signée par notre Président est téléchargeable ICI.


Christophe Dupin
Administrateur délégué de la FIAF
Rachael Stoeltje
Représentante du Comité directeur de la FIAF auprès du CCAAA
* * * * * * *

Estimados colegas,
Como ustedes ya saben, celebramos hoy el Día Mundial del Patrimonio Audiovisual. La FIAF y muchos de sus afiliados están orgullosos de participar en esta importante iniciativa. Muchísimas gracias a todos aquellos que nos han enviado el programa de sus eventos. Estamos terminando el documento que presentará todas las actividades y lo enviaremos en breve.
Con motivo de este día especial, la FIAF ha firmado una nueva Declaración de la CCAAA. El texto de la Declaración se encuentra a continuación. Un documento PDF de la Declaración, firmado por nuestro Presidente, se puede descargar AQUÍ.

Saludos cordiales,

Christophe Dupin
Administrador delegado de la FIAF
Rachael Stoeltje
Representante de la FIAF ante el CCAAA


CCAAA Declaration signed by Eric Le Roy, President of FIAF, on 27 October 2015



The Co-ordinating Council of Audiovisual Archives Associations (CCAAA) is a global network of eight international nongovernmental organizations dealing with all aspects of audiovisual archiving on a professional level. Working together, they aim to promote and encourage the recognition of audiovisual images and collections as a vital part of the world’s cultural and documentary heritage, and the importance of safeguarding them for future generations. United in this cause, CCAAA member organizations exercise a significant voice in the preservation and accessibility of the international audiovisual heritage.

Aware that much of the world’s audiovisual archives remain on decaying carriers and require urgent intervention if they are to survive into the current millennium;

Acknowledging that many experts believe there may be only a decade left to achieve this;

Recognizing that many worldwide audiovisual archives and archival collections are under threat from climatic issues, storage conditions, war and conflict, neglect, and often simply lack of expertise, resources, and, critically, lack of funding;

Stressing the need for more commitment by the international community on the preservation of archives and collections at risk;

On the occasion of the 2015 World Day for Audiovisual Heritage, on the theme of “Archives at Risk – Protecting the World’s Identities”, the Co-ordinating Council of Audiovisual Archives Associations (CCAAA) adopts a new Declaration regarding the Safeguarding of Endangered Archives.

By this Declaration,
• The CCAAA commits to the development, support, and promotion of programs and projects aimed at the preservation of and access to endangered archives and collections;
• The CCAAA commits to making its “Archives@Risk” initiative ( a core focus for its collaborative efforts;
• The CCAAA urges others to join it in taking action now to preserve and make accessible to the public our endangered audiovisual heritage.
As a first objective under this new Declaration, the CCAAA will support the first Archives@Risk conference in Dublin, Ireland in 2016.

On this 27th of October 2015, the Tenth World Day for Audiovisual Heritage, signatories to this Declaration include each of the eight CCAAA member organizations: ARSC (Association for Recorded Sound Collections), AMIA (Association of Moving Image Archivists), IASA (International Association of Sound and Audiovisual Archives), ICA (International Council on Archives), FIAF (International Federation of Film Archives), FIAT (International Federation of Television Archives), SEAPAVAA (Southeast Asia-Pacific Audiovisual Archive Association), and FOCAL International (Federation of Commercial Audiovisual Libraries International).


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