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SEPTEMBER 12, 2014
There were some great responses to Wednesday's Daily Witch on PTSD.  

We deal with traumatic overwhelm in a variety of ways.  Some folks expose themselves to lots and lots of imagery and news which tends to "numb" our emotional responses.  Some engage in self-censoring the kinds and amount of news and other media they consume. 

Still, there is much to be concerned about!  We make decisions concerning what we are able and willing to give time and focused attention to.  Some of us don't involve ourselves at all, busy as we are trying to keep our own heads above water, our households running and the latest personal crisis under some semblance of control. Others choose one or two areas on which to focus attention--race relations, women's rights, class considerations, anti-war movements, clean energy, homelessness, children's advocacy, GMO labeling, local and national politics.  Still others are angry all the time at the ten thousand things that arise in a day.

What's a Witch to do?

As always, we begin right here in our own skin: 
  • Become conscious of how the state of the world is impacting you.  Keep track for a while so you are really clear about your responses and reactions.  Do you shut down in apathy?  Weep?  Get angry or frightened?  How does this effect your daily round, relationships, work performance, etc?  How does it effect your magic? 
  • Remember to ground and center frequently.  Input overwhelm and PTSD unhinge us from our bodies.  Come back to yourself and be present in the body, in this space and time.
  • Perform routine rituals for spiritual cleansing and psychic protection:  Take ritual baths, smudge, ring bells, carry stones,   
  • Make sure your home is a safe zone by spiritually cleansing and psychically protecting it.  
  • Surround yourself with  beauty:  Notice the sunlight painting the kitchen.   Bring in flowers and living plants.  Play music.  
  • Hug and kiss your loved ones.  Allow your love for them to wash over you--and them.
  • Stay hydrated
  • Exercise to disperse excess energy
  • Eat clean, nourishing food
  • Enjoy great sex
  • Be gentle with yourself
  • Get at least eight solid hours of rest every night
We are caught up in an ocean of information.  Choose carefully what you allow to touch you.  Treat yourself with great gentleness. Recognize and give space to the trauma and grief.  Try not to wallow in self pity, fear or rage.  Let emotional reactions flow through.
Keep your souls in alignment and do your personal/spiritual work/practice.   

Take the actions you can at the altar, writing letters, speaking up and showing up.  While apathy is a normal response, we all feel better when we do something--anything--to make the world a better place.

Karina BlackHeart Y

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"There is always a choice in how to respond."    
Karina BlackHeart

"There is very little that cannot be accomplished in the world by working on oneself." 

Victor Anderson.  Feri Tradition GrandMaster.
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