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ISAAC Newsletter, June 2013

“It takes intelligence, passion, imagination and an understanding of what has come before to be a visionary leader.  Arts and humanities studies impart these critical life skills.” (James Cuno, LA Times)
Whereas the concerns for raising visionary leaders rise as funding for humanities and arts has plummeted, here at ISAAC the spirit of volunteerism is high with an increasing number of staff—13 total. With our new generation of ISAAC staff, we have been incorporating arts and culture in our programs.


ISAAC’S 5th Symposium: “Healing of Memories, Healing of Finances” will take place at Evergreen Baptist Church of SGV on Saturday October 5.  It will revisit the theme of “Healing of Memories.” In addition to psychological wounds, we will also address an unspoken voice of the church and seminaries—“finances.”  When money is discussed, heated emotions can erupt due to wounded memories that block us psychologically and financially.  By unmasking them, we can find inner healing by reframing them in light of God’s abundant love and become better stewards of our body, mind, and finances. The third recipient of ISAAC’s Legacy Award will be Bishop Roy Sano. Join us as we celebrate with this Japanese American pioneer.
SANACS Journal #4, featuring 2nd & 3rd Symposium has been published. You can order and rate it at  Russell Yee and I appreciate all the contributors who submitted their essays. Your patience has been rewarded! 
SANACS Digest: Pete Hsu, ISAAC Fellow
As the first ISAAC fellow, Pete envisions The Digest’s mission to transmit the work of ISAAC in a form that is engaging and relevant to non-traditional ISAAC groups such as  professionals and artists.  Pete has compiled an Asian American Blogroll at 
ISAAC-AARMS: Samuel Kho, Curator
Asian American Artists Relations & Movements (AARMS) was created to support artists and their contributions. On May 4, they screened We Live In Public, complete with cocktail service and vintage Latin dance intermissions, in Young Lee Hertig’s driveway theater. Check it out at: Through events like this, AARMS activates the arts to touch a richer understanding of human experience in our ethnic and religious mosaic.
To turn ISAAC’s social capital into financial capital, two fundraising dinner parties are planned for this coming November and in Spring 2014. Details will be forthcoming. 


Northern Cal: Russell Yee (Representative)
Viji Nakka-Cammauf organized a 4 week class in San Jose throughout June, based on ISAAC’sAsian American Christianity: A Reader. For the 8-10 students, the class featured an Asian American perspective on:
1. Bible: Russell Moy spoke on emigration, marginality and bicultural identity in I Peter, the gospel for Asian Americans. Honor/shame and arranged marriages are not indicative of individualistic Western culture. Rather, it shows the dynamics of group culture that is common to the Bible and Asian Americans, thus providing a bridge to both cultures.
2. History: Timothy Tseng brought primary sources and had students read, reflect, and raise questions to engage these texts.
3. Missions: Viji Nakka-Cammauf taught on the distinctions of ANA and Indian culture for effective ministry and missions.
4. Worship: Russell Yee taught the Asian American context for worship, based on his book,Worship on the Way: Exploring Asian North American Christian Experience.

Midwest: Andrew Lee (Representative)
To develop future pastoral leadership, Andrew has organized a summer mentoring program. Interns will meet veteran pastoral leaders who will direct their church experience to discern if ministry is a career option. This year’s interns are: Emily Dao and Kevin Hu (both just graduated from Wheaton College), Dorothy Lau (a graduate from University of Illinois at Champaign), Esther Shi (a senior at Smith College), and Yong Zhou (a senior at the University of Illinois at Champaign).

East Coast: Milton Eng (Project Director)
Milton organized a joint Good Friday service between three English Ministries in Flushing, NY with approximately 180 people. He is an advisor for a D.Min. dissertation on Vietnamese inter-generational pastoral ministry. Milton is also doing a survey on the laity’s relationship with their pastors in the Chinese church and will be conducting focus meetings during the summer. 


In “raising culturally-rooted spiritual leaders” and to encourage visionary leadership, ISAAC staff offers us gifts of creativity, and we are thankful for each one of them. 

Edward Yang, ISAAC’s Associate Director has been instrumental in steering ISAAC toward integrating art with Christianity as he is writing on “Sanctifying Space” for his Ph.D. dissertation at Fuller Seminary.   
In his recent trip to Korea, ISAAC’s board chair, Russell Moy and his family rediscovered their Korean roots and heritage. To his joy, he discovered that he has a second cousin!  His ancestry includes royalty and patriots, such as Yi Soon Shin. We’d better bow down to him from now on. =)

Speaking of bowing, Deborah Gin,AAWOL’s Director, earned her Ph.D. in May from Claremont Graduate University and was selected to be a commencement speaker. In addition to her inspiring speech, to everyone’s surprise, she bowed down to the faculty—in traditional Korean style! Watch it at:'s about 20 minutes into the video). 
Joy Wong, AAWOL’s blog administrator gave a birth to a beautiful daughter, Noelle, on May 21.  We rejoice with Joy and Will and hope that Noelle joins AAWOL. =)
Tracy Lee, ISAAC Facebook Administrator, recently received a Master of Science in Marital and Family Therapy program at Fuller’s School of Psychology. Congratulations Tracy! 
James Kang, ISAAC’s Communications Administrator, has been appointed as Director of Communications for the California-Pacific Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church, effective July 1, 2013. We rejoice in James’ promotion and his continued service for ISAAC.  His gifts can be seen
Paulina Hong, who grew up in Papua New Guinea, and is an ISAAC board member, transitioned into the Special Project Manager position. She has been “happily married” for six months. If you are single, you may also get married when you volunteer for ISAAC. =)

E.D.'s Corner

Last month, my husband Paul Hertig and I celebrated our 30th wedding anniversary!

God has fulfilled my dream through ISAAC’s mission when I left the faculty at United Theological Seminary in Ohio in 2002. To fulfill ISAAC’s mission of the 3 T’s (Transcribe, Translate, Transmit to be Transformed), we need more volunteers to share your gifts and time. And of course, your financial gifts are vital--we appreciate those who have been faithful in their giving.
In God’s grace,
Young Lee Hertig
ISAAC Executive Director



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