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  • Eco Fest April 6th, 2013, 1PM-5PM in the Quad Chattam University, Pittsburgh PA
  • Earth Day April 27, 11PM- 3PM, Mt Lebanon Park PA
  • Steampunk Worlds Fair
    May 17-19, Piscataway NJ
  • Spirit Fair June 23, 2-7pm Sterling Yoga, Dormont PA

    In the Works- Evolving

    Trilodeon is busy at work and play in our studio creating new and exciting things for you... Like this Owlchemist purse, for one- the prototype you see here. You will be able to take your Owlish wisdom and harmony with you! Other things under development or on the dream pipeline- a new eye pillow with more gender neutral design (ie for guys), Earth image patches and pillows, and Sacred Geometry sketchbooks and journals!
    Also our new website and blog is in the works, where we will provide rich evolutionary content, free bonuses, and a place to interact with us and your community. Is there anything else you would like to see in the Trilodeon offerings?
    Drop us a line, we love to hear from you! info@trilodeon.com 


    Lyn Margulis

    Women's History Month
    feature Lynn Margulis

    One of the heroines of modern Evolution is Lynn Margulis, who in the 1960s rocked the Darwinian dominated world by demonstrating a new cooperative nature of evolution. Her research in cell biology showed that structures within modern cells evolved form bacteria millions of years ago, after they began to collect together in communities to live symbiotically. This gave rise to the compound cells known as eukaryotes, from which everything else evolved- fungi, plants, animals and of course us! At the time her theories were dismissed as outlandish but are now widely accepted and indeed crucial. Lynn's ideas developed away from Neo Darwinist ideas of competition and random mutation toward the novel concept she calls 'symbiogenesis'- a better explanation for evolutions big leaps in creating new organisms from mergers. This is much more consistent with more recent findings in other areas of Science and notions of collective ecosystems, paving the way to understand ourselves as interdependent cells in this greater living organism we call Gaia/Earth!


    We're in a new store

    Now there's a new roost for the Owlchemists of Trilodeon- at Castle in the Air in Berkeley CA! We are proud to be selling our magic owl pillows at this 'Studio for the Imagination'- a brilliant combination of art supply store, curiosity shoppe, gallery and workshop space. If you are ever on 4th St. in Berkeley, drop in and say hello to all the wonders there.
    Castle in the Air
    1805 4th St, Berkeley, CA 94710


    Behind the Scenes

    Here is Niffer- magical mind behind Trilodeon. Trilodeon (Tri _LOW_ Dee Un) designs tools and toys to explore your own evolutionary journey. Find innovative gifts of visionary art, learning toys, healing alchemy, apparel, home decor and more. Be inspired, empowered, transformed- all in the spirit of evolutionary fun, a learning path of Trilodeon. Awaken your story and connect to our planet's magnificent unfolding-
    Viva la Evolution!

    Do you have any Trilodeon stories to share? Thrilling tales of Evolution? Brilliant ideas, burning questions, photos of UFOs in your backyard?  Send your tales & let me know if it's OK to share on Facebook, Etsy and in this here newsletter.  Send transmissions to info@trilodeon.com  Merci!

    Spring into action- clean, green & grow

    The Vernal Equinox marks the first day of Spring, a time to clean out what no longer serves and make for new life, growth and magic! In this issue Trilodeon gives you a jump start with fresh ideas to make the best of Spring, and do your creative evolution thing.
    Read on for our latest eco-friendly wares and specials, growing love in your heart's garden, Spring cleansing, a healthy green smoothie recipe, new projects in the works, Womens History Month evolution feature, and more! (Note-this is a resend of a letter from 3/26- there were delivery problems with that one so apologies if you are getting this again :)
    Spring Sale: Use code SPRING15 at checkout for 15%
    OFF your first order of 20 or more, good through April 15
    Heart Plushie Anatomical Heart Pillow Magic Merkaba Original Art Silkscreened Pink LOVE VALENTINE Ecofriendly
    USD 25.00 USD
    Spaceship Earth T-Shirt- Global Consciousness Space Art WE FLY ASONE Evolutionary Sacred Geometry- Womens Tee Black Your Size s - xl
    USD 23.00 USD
    Sacred Geometry Coaster Set- SEED OF LIFE- Hexagon Green Birch Wood Home Decor- Healing Harmony Connection Creation
    USD 40.00 USD
    Eye Pillow Sleepy Owl with Flowers & Organic Herbs- Aromatherapy Hot Cold Pack- Relaxing Peaceful Headache Stress Relief HEALING ALCHEMY
    USD 21.00 USD
    Trilodeon's art combines form & function in beautiful creations
    that make outstanding gifts! Make a statement to loved ones.
    SPECIAL: Get a Free Sacred Geometry silkscreen patch
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    Gearing up for Spring evolution (above features items)~
    Hug our Anatomical Heart Plushie Pillows with their whimsical creatures, flowers & Magic Merkaba in Love's great garden. Give someone your heart today! Celebrate unity and peace on Earth in Buckminster Fuller steampunk style with our 'We Fly As One' Spaceship Earth T-shirts, now available in women's and mens styles. Go Green for gifting with our 'Seed of Life' coaster set- sacred geometry with life giving properties for fostering growth! Relax and heal your eyes and brain with our eco-friendly Sleepy Owl Eye Pillows with organic flowers and herbs, now printed with purple on green, pink and tiedye blue/purple fabric.

    The Magical Mysterious Heart
    Sacred Heart Print by Trilodeon

    How are Love, Light and Life all connected? Are they all the same? Are they, like the Universe, eternal? Only the heart knows.. and only art can attempt to tell. This latest 'Mysterium Magnum' piece by Trilodeon explores the Love in all its great mystery- celebrating the creative spirit and community that miraculously spring forth from the heart. Each of us is a community of cells, flesh and spirit united as one under the rule of the heart, which is in turn connected to the great One and all. Love is the great connector, creator, sustainer, and peacemaker- and living in the heart attracts these qualities! May this art be an inspiration to grow Love in the garden of your heart, so life my flourish. There is spleni detail and whimsy in these prints- see larger images, info and purchase them here in our store. A 5x7 archival print is just 10. We also make pillows of these for a heart you can squeeze. The piece is dedicated to my lifelong friend Rachel who passed away this past January from cancer. She was a brilliant, funny & creative soul who lived from the heart.
    Live Love, Evolve.

    Trilodeon Tips: Spring Cleansing & Renewal

    As these seasons changeg Spring is a great time to cleanse the body- itself a sacred space where you dwell! Our systems like to detox in the equinoctial months- consider doing a liver, spleen, gallbladder or even colon cleanse to start fresh and renew. A good cleansing with flush your body's systems of toxins, allowing for better healing and growth. If you want to go all the way you can do a series of saunas, cleanses and footbaths- find a well equipped natural healing clinic, like Dr. Misak at Pittsburgh Alternative Health who offers all of these! For the DIY route there are are plenty of great natural herbal recipes in books and online for these, as well as ready made kits. Herbs for the liver often include milk thistle and or bupleurum root, both famous liver cleaners and helpers. Doing short or long periods of fasting go a long way to cleaning you out too.
    Diet can be seasonal too, our bodies naturally adapt to varieties of regional plants for that season, going toward more tropical offerings as it gets warmer. Either way it's a great time to start eating and drinking more greens. An easy way to help your cleansing organs daily is to by squeeze lemon into your water (especially in the morning), and also drinking fresh squeezed grapefruit juice a couple times a week. Also staying hydrated and exercising, of course! Following isa delicious green drink recipe I came up with for Trilodeon last Spring. Smoothies are a great way to get your dose of antioxidants, plant and fiber- while simultaneously satisfying that thirst for dessert! Drink this down and see how your cells will love you, may they ever evolve :)

      Go Green- a Yummy healthy smoothie recipestratos
        Start the day right with this all green fruit smoothie!

    Truly a delicious elixir this is made by blending the following:
    Add fruit: Kiwi, Anjou pear, lime juice, and a few mint leaves for the greens. Add culture: almond yogurt, coconut milk. Add powders: vanilla whey, and a dash of healthy green powder. (Your choice of spirulina, barley grass, mixed greens w kelp etc.) No need for food coloring- blend and drink a verdant fountain of youth! Leave out the whey & this is a vegan treat.
    I encourage you to come up with your own 'green drink' recipe. If you have some success, please share it with us! Send it in an email to info@trilodeon.com  and let us know if we can publish it in our blog or newsletter.

    Well that's about it for this newsletter folks, hope you got some ideas, inspirations and tools to evolve in a happy and health Spring! If you know anyone who might enjoy our newsletter click here to forward to a friend Visit anytime at TRILODEON.com.

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