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Happy New Year to All...

WOW!! It's to end of January already and another year under way!!
Each year I use the holiday time to reflect on what I have achieved over the last year... and to think about and plan for the year ahead. 
There has been so many AMAZING things that we've been working on as a team and also so many people in our community have also grown and taken their lives and businesses to a whole new level... which makes us all very proud.
If you need help growing your business in 2019 then you may want to check out our "Business Mentoring Program" The results our members have been getting are just AWESOME! More Information... 
Remember to do your planning for 2019 NOW, so you can hit the ground running, as momentum is the key to making things happen.

Wishing You Every Success for 2019

Ross Anderson

How  to  Multiply  Your
Business Results
While  Reducing  Your
Time,  Risk  and  Effort
By Ross Anderson

For a venture or operation to be called a ‘business’ it has to have products or services that are sold, leased or in some way offered to a market that is willing to purchase them for a profit to the business.
By necessity then, the business must have a way of communicating with their market in such a way that it attracts those who are interested in the products or services offered, and converting those prospects into paying customers.
Unfortunately, too many business owners, managers, professionals and entrepreneurs haven’t thought the process through, and consequently are not only doing a disservice to their customers, but they’re leaving loads of money on the table for their competitors to pick up and put in their bank accounts.
Here’s a simple six-step process that can help any business become enormously more successful and profitable:
Define your target market: Don’t try to be all things to all people. Carefully select the people (or companies) you want to do business with and who have the best chance of becoming your customers, and focus your marketing efforts on them.
Quantify your added value: Determine what it is that makes you different, unique or special from any other options your customers have a choice to do business with.
Educate your market: Articulate your uniqueness in clear and unmistakable terms that provoke a buying response form your intended customers. Explain why it’s in their best interest to do business with you rather than your competitors.
Deliver a unique or unusual buying experience: Make doing business with you so different, so pleasurable and so memorable that your customers not only MUST return to do business with you, but they can’t help but tell others about you.
Reward your customers for telling others about you: Spend less on formal advertising, and divert your marketing dollars to your loyal customers who are willing to tell others about you. Create undying loyalty and a never-ending chain of referrals.
Stay Connected: The Old saying, ‘Out of sight, out of mind’ is so true. Develop a complete and comprehensive follow-up system for staying in touch with current customers, past customers and future customers (prospects). Keep them informed of special sales and events, and new products and services and let them know you appreciate them and are thinking of them.
Your business will be successful to the extent that you develop your ability to get new customers and keep your existing customers coming back to do business with you again and again.
But it doesn’t just ‘happen’. It takes time, effort, awareness and a high level of commitment. It may involve changing your business paradigm and injecting some ‘TLC’. Tender Loving Care is important, but if you really want your business to be successful, you must Think Like a Customer. You must think like they think, feel like they feel and live like they live.
Aqua Gold Consulting has worked with businesses both large and small, and has developed strategic systems and implementation methods that can dramatically increase the bottom line profits of nearly any business in nearly any industry or profession.
To find out how your organisation can benefit, contact Aqua Gold at: 1300 721 118 or email us


Power bill got a grip on your business finances?


 New energy “Time of Use” and “Peak Demand” tariffs are being introduced for small businesses. It is now more important than ever for businesses to monitor and manage their power usage.
A fast food business could of saved over $18,000 a year on their power bill by doing this one simple thing.
By installing a power monitor to manage their peak power demand.

“Our monthly power bill dropped from an average of $420 to an average of $185 by undertaking the recommendations from AGC”s audit. We were pleased with the service and the results” – Ken Matheson, P Quinn & Associates

An energy audit by Aqua Gold Consulting can show you how to keep money in your pocket.
With over 150 energy audits conducted in the last 18 months, identifying more than $1.5 million in potential savings, we have the knowledge to reduce your business’s power bill. 
Aqua Gold Consulting’s fully independent energy audit, Guarantee’s to identify energy savings or you pay nothing.

Pick up the phone and Call me, Ross, on 1300 721 118 to discuss how we can help you make substantial savings on your power bill and to get you started download your free copy of our “Energy Savers Tips For Business” eBook   [CLICK HERE]

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