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Student Newsletter - April 15, 2016

Here’s what’s happening your neck of the woods: Passover Edition
By: Sarah Holtz, Communications '19
Each year, in the Hebrew month of Nissan, Jews around the world begin massively carb loading in preparation for Passover, a major spring festival holiday that commemorates the liberation of the Israelites from Egyptian slavery. The most significant tradition related to Passover is the avoidance of chametz (leavening) which commemorates the fact that the Jews leaving Egypt were in a hurry and did not have time to let their bread rise.
Since holidays are usually spent surrounded by family, college students need a community to spend time with when they are away from home. Luckily, Penn State Hillel is there to save the day and provide that family-like community to celebrate the holidays with.
On Friday night, April 22, 2016, in the Pasquerilla Spiritual Center, Penn State Hillel will be hosting Passover celebrations from 8-10:30pm. There are five different seders for students to choose from most of which will be planned and led by students themselves. This gives students the ability to have experiences they would not necessarily have otherwise. Student Life Committee Secretary Allison Wagman said, “We are really excited for all of the seders and I know that I will have a hard time deciding which seder I want to attend.”
The first option is a traditional seder led by AISH, another Jewish organization. The next option is a Freedom Seder which centers around social justice and the ideas of freedom and liberation during Passover. Additionally, there is an LBGTQA seder focusing on LBGTQA issues and equal rights for all. Another option is a musical seder based on the On-One-Foot Hagadah and infuses the celebration with new and classic Passover songs. Finally, the last option is called Not Your Bubbe’s Seder, promising a non-traditional but enjoyable seder also based on the On-One-Foot Hagaddah.
Students and non-students can order tickets online at In advances, the price of student tickets is $18 and the price of non-student tickets is $36. At the door, students will have to pay $25 and non-students will have to pay $45.
When asked what she was most excited about, Allison added, “I am excited to spend the day of the 22nd working with the amazing Student Life Committee and staff to get all of the room set up and the community feel that Passover brings to the Penn State campus. We have some events planning during Passover that I am also very excited for. Keep your eyes open for announcements about that.”
To help students keep the Passover dietary restrictions throughout the week, Warring Dining Commons in West Halls will have a kosher for Passover buffet starting on Monday, April 25 at lunch through Friday, April 29 at dinner. This buffet will be under the rabbinical supervision of AISH Rabbi Ricki Vigon.
The Breakdown:

  • Tradtional Seder – the traditional seder, led by AISH Penn State
  • Freedom Seder – a social justice seder focusing on the theme of freedom and liberation during Passover
  • LGBTQA Seder – a seder focused on LGBTQA issues, freedom, and equal rights for all
  • Musical Seder – a music-infused seder through the On-One-Foot Hagaddah. Learn new (and classic) Passover songs
  • Not Your Bubbe’s Seder – a non-traditional, boisterous seder based on the On-One-Foot Hagaddah.

Ticket Price Information:

  • Students: $18 advance; $25 door price
  • Non-students: $36 advance; $45 door price

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