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Penn State Hillel Newsletter 11/19/2015

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How do YOU do Jewish on campus? 
Create your own Jewish experience with the help of JewPAC, Penn State Hillel's Jewish Programming Allocation Committee! Are you interested in creating your own Jewish experience on campus? If so, Hillel can help you make it happen with a grant from JewPAC, the Jewish Programming Allocation Committee!

CLICK HERE to directly access the JewPAC application form.
CLICK HERE to directly access the after-experience evaluation.


  • Any Jewish student or Jewish based organization can apply for JewPac funding. The program must enhance Jewish life and provide participants with a meaningful experience.
  • Individual – You participate or create experiences for yourself and others to explore your interests and grow your connection to Judaism.
  • Organization – You create a Jewish experience for your peers that contribute to your organization’s vision and increase their reach on campus.

Save the Date: Hillel Game Day Tailgate - November 22, 2015 - Michigan vs. Penn State Game! 
Pardes Institute visits Penn State on November 10:
5:30 pm at the Pasquerilla Spiritual Center 
Open Campus Learning with Alex Israel

Building Relationships: Criticism, Compromise, and Constructive Language: 
In this session, we will look at the greatest of Jewish leaders: Moses and Aharon, Hillel and Shammai; we will study their differing strategies in negotiating thorny human situations. We with then move further, discussing our own potential in fostering an environment of growth and peace rather than conflict, using language as a creative force.
News From Hillel International:
We are excited to introduce the inaugural Hillel International Student Cabinet! This group will work with students and staff on #Hillel campuses around the world to expand the impact of #Jewish life on campus. We need your help! What processes should we use to select the members of the Student Cabinet? Tell us what you think by filling out a short survey

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What's On Tap This Week:
Tuesday, November 10:
5:30pm - Pardes Institute Open Campus Learning 

Wednesday, November 11:
4:00pm - Students Supporting Israel Bi-Weekly Meeting

Thursday, November 12:
8:00pm - Jews and Brews 

Friday, November 13: 
6:30pm - Shabbat Services
7:30pm - Shabbat Dinners sponsored by Friends of Hillel 
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