While we weren't able to be together in person this year, it was fun to see so many of you at the virtual GSCA Conference last week! Thank you for tuning in to our films and marketing presentations. We hope you came away with new ideas and inspiration for launching these special films in your theaters.

Still Time to Preview Our Films In Our Screening Room
If you missed previewing any of our new new films, you can watch them on MFF's Vimeo platform (password: MacFree). We're also happy to send you a DCP to screen in your theater if you prefer.
Into America’s Wild
Ancient Caves
Astronaut: Ocean to Orbit

And don't miss our 15-minute behind-the-scenes and marketing presentations for each film and our Films in Production presentations for Secrets of the Sea and Koala (password: MacFree).

A Golden Opportunity to Re-Launch Your Theater
As audiences return, you have a unique opportunity to re-launch your theater and remind your community what is so special about these premium, white-glove cinematic experiences. Now is the perfect time to celebrate these giant screen films with all the fanfare and marketing support they deserve, and get your audience excited to come back. Let's create some serious FOMO! 

Call on MFF To Support Your Marketing Efforts
The MFF team is here to support your marketing efforts and we would love to speak with you about all the resources we can offer for your local launch, including local media outreach support via our PR agency and help securing film talent.

Together, let’s think BIG and remind your audiences what we all love so much about the giant screen experience!

We look forward to speaking soon!
Patty Collins, Director of Global Sales
949-309-6639, pcollins@macfreefilms.com
Chip Bartlett, Director of Distribution Media & Technology
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Lori Rick, Director of Marketing and Communications
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