Ancient Caves, an immersive science adventure set in the world's most stunning caves, shows the incredible lengths scientists will go to study the unknown
 Already a fan favorite, Ancient Caves is continuing its global roll-out as exhibitors find fun and creative ways to market the film 
Ancient Caves from filmmaker Jonathan Bird features cutting-edge science from paleoclimatologist Dr. Gina Moseley, a literal rock-star, on a quest to find clues about Earth's ancient climate history. She and an expert team of cave divers voyage to the world's most remote and stunning caves to retrieve stalagmites  geologic "fingerprints" – that provide information to help us better understand climate patterns today. The film is the perfect mix of science and adventure, and audiences are loving it! 

Gina Moseley Honored with Prestigious Rolex Award
In addition to wowing audiences on the giant screen, Dr. Gina Moseley was recently honored as one of only 5 recipients of the prestigious 2021 Rolex Award for Enterprise. The Rolex Awards honor pioneers who are tackling some of the world's most intractable challenges. Moseley was recognized for her recent work in the Arctic where she is studying climate change in the planet's most northern caves.

Exhibitors Get Creative With Film Marketing 

McWANE SCIENCE CENTER, BIRMINGHAM – The McWane Science Center had a great summer with Ancient Caves which performed "even better than many of our feature length films" according to Miranda Springer, VP of Development. The science center partnered with Rickwood Caverns, a local state park, for cross-promotions, and McWane staff took a field trip there on National Caves Day to create a fun video for social media. Science center staff have also been distributing mini posters around town at local community events and spreading the word to their members and educators. 

MOODY GARDENS, GALVESTON The educational tourist destination Moody Gardens invited local cave divers from the Galveston community to come help promote the film. At a daylong event, audiences could chat with the cave divers, see their equipment and hear stories from their cave-diving experiences. “Definitely a great film!" said theater manager Joel Lockett. "I could see the suspense on our guests' faces watching the divers squeeze through small crevices into areas unknown to man.”

HONG KONG SPACE MUSEUM  Across the globe, the Hong Kong Space Museum opened the film in early July, and audiences have been lining up to see it ever since. Ms. Gloria Cheung, Assistant Curator of Public Programmes, said, “Ancient Caves successfully combines scientific adventure and natural beauty together. The stunning, immersive scenes in some of the hardest-to-reach caves in the world take audiences’ breath away.”
More Exhibitions to Come
As Ancient Caves continues its global roll-out, the MFF distribution team is looking forward to launching the film in new theaters this fall, including the Museum of Science Boston, the Great Lakes Science Center in Cleveland and the Exploreum Science Center in Mobile, Alabama.

And don't miss the upcoming GSCA Virtual Conference from September 20-24 where we'll screen the film and give a marketing presentation. For registered attendees, the film will be available for streaming on the conference portal from September 13 - October 1.
Here's what other exhibitors are saying about the film!

Ancient Caves is a MacGillivray Freeman Films presentation directed by Jonathan Bird with support from the Giant Dome Theater Consortium. 
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