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Dream Big Receives an Outstanding Reception Contribution to STEM Education Applauded By Museum Directors
MARCH 28, 2017, LAGUNA BEACH, CAFollowing a spectacular world premiere at the Smithsonian's National Air and Space Museum, and now playing in 45 theatres across North America, MacGillivray Freeman's DREAM BIG: Engineering Our World is easily the most talked-about new STEM-based initiative to land in museums and science centers in years. The film is receiving extraordinarily enthusiastic reviews from the media, teachers, parents and the engineering community, and is serving up a fresh and much-needed new perspective on what it means to be an engineer.  
     “We’re getting some of the best reviews we’ve seen in ten years, which is interesting because the film is not your typical location-based IMAX film, but a more personal film with a focus on human stories,” said director Greg MacGillivray about his 39th giant screen release.
     "[DREAM BIG is] the sort of majestic educational film that every adult will want their child to see," said Variety film critic Nick Schager. "Sure to inspire your next generation of innovators!" raved Scholastic Teacher. (Find more reviews at the bottom of this email.)


A Hit with Museums and Science Centers
Museum and theatre directors are especially pleased with how well DREAM BIG fits their science education and STEM initiatives, while offering an experience that is both heartfelt and fun. 
What Museum Directors Are Saying About DREAM BIG

“For the month of March, DREAM BIG has been our top-performing film. It hits a rare sweet spot, emotionally drawing our viewers in to the personal stories and triumphs of people who pursue engineering with a passion while seamlessly being an advocate for STEM initiatives.

“I've watched a LOT of IMAX films over the years, but this one is quite unique. 
Never before has a film so perfectly embodied our mission statement,
or looked so good doing it.”


“Once again, the MFF team has produced a film that works on so many levels.
It explains visually and verbally what engineers do, features female engineers (nice), takes the audience on adventures around the globe and is very inspirational. BRAVO!”


Dream Big is one of the five highest rated films we have shown here
at the Tennessee Aquarium
. Audiences love it, and we are getting a great
response from teachers and students. We often have teachers thank us
for showing a film that highlights female scientists and engineers


Dream Big is a hit with parents and educators! They love the inspirational messages of the film and many have commented that this is one of
best films we’ve shown in a long time
. It pairs perfectly with
our Makerspace Field Trip packages.”


“I think the movie is a triumph. MacGillivray Freeman has done some
amazing work in the past.  But I think this might be your best work ever.
The story is just spectacularly crafted and the imagery is great. I don’t believe there is anyone that would not be engrossed and moved by this movie.”

DREAM BIG Education Program Offers Valuable Resources
For MacGillivray Freeman and its partners, ASCE and Bechtel Corporation, the film is just one part of a far-reaching educational campaign that is impacting students, young engineers, and the many engineering organizations dedicated to public outreach. The team has put together the most extensive educational outreach program for the giant screen industry ever, including:
  • Educator Guide with lesson plans for grades K - 12
  • 10 Educational Videos
  • 50 Hands-on Engineering Activities
  • Girls Night Out Program
  • Two Design Challenge Exhibits
These materials can be found on the film’s website, as well as on the non-profit DiscoverE’s website,
"Teachers seeking a way to show the breadth of STEM possibilities or inspire their students for design challenges should look for showings of DREAM BIG in their areas," says Jacob Blinkenstaff, film reviewer for the National Science Teacher Association's NSTA News. "They can make good use of the online resources available to support the film even if their students can't see the film in a theater."

“With this film and its accompanying educational materials, we are trying to change the stereotype of what it means to be an engineer and motivate young people, especially girls and minority kids, to consider engineering as a career,” says Mary Jane Dodge, Senior Project Director. "This tremendous response we're getting from teachers and parents shows what a positive impact DREAM BIG is having."
See Why Film Critics Are Raving About Dream Big
A rousing and ravishing call-to-engineering arms for future generations...It’s the sort of majestic educational film that every adult will want their child to see —and in all likelihood, will want to see themselves.”

"[An] inspiring IMAX documentary that could cause a spike in engineering school enrollments."

“This IMAX documentary does an epic job of inspiring young viewers to realize the importance of engineering to society. A+ for Educational Value

“With its focus on problem-solving, teamwork and the power of the imagination, it’s certain to spark syllabus highlights for STEM teachers and their students…Its what-if mix of physics, imagination and goodwill is an exhilarating conversation starter."

“Inspirational in the same way Hidden Figures was.”

"As with most MacGillivray projects, there's plenty of razzle-dazzle eye candy on display…The result is fast- paced and attention-getting."

“A fresh perspective on what it means to be an engineer.”

“We had no idea how creative and fun being an engineer can be!
5 out of 5 Stars"


“Sure to inspire your future innovators!"
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