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You Be the Judge: Which Video Works Best?

People love to watch videos of cats doing anything, dogs being dogs, and terrifying mishaps of people distracted on their phones falling into manholes or careening out of control on sleds or water skis.

The statistics prove that video is truly crashing the scene.   

  • 78% of people watch online videos each week, with 55% watching videos every day. (Hubspot)
Not only is video popular, but . . .
  • 92% of users watching a video on a mobile device will share it. (Wordstream)
And . . .
  • Video on social media gets shared 1,200% more than both text and images combined. (Wordstream)
So, not only are tons of people watching videos, but . . .
  • Insivia reports that those tons of people watching will retain 95% of what they see and hear in a video.  

The bottom line is that a short video on your website will grab your reader’s attention, making a big and lasting impression. 

Now, imagine the impact of a video if it’s paired with just the right words. That impact can be a game changer for your business.

Here’s a short video that could be found on a vacation rental, builder, or real estate website. [Watch Video]

It certainly adds an element of interest and depth to a listing or property promotion on a website, doesn’t it?

But while it's pretty to look at, I’m not really sure what I’m supposed to take note of.

Watch that same short video with words and captions added.  [Watch the Video again]
You don’t need to have a degree in marketing to see that video is an amazing tool for advertising and you don’t need a degree in marketing to be able to tell which of these 2 videos is more effective.

If you’re interested in a video for your business, it could be more affordable than you think, and the ROI is tremendous. I don't shoot video, but you CAN contact me for a free consultation about adding a script to your video. 

Many thanks to TV Home Source of SW Florida who graciously allowed me to use these high quality videos to demonstrate my point. Contact them directly for more information. 


The Election Results Are In!
Some of you may recall that my holiday newsletter asked for your help. I have 3 favorite charities and I wanted input from you as to which was your favorite. I pledged to donate $1 for every person receiving my newsletter to one of the 3 charities. If you replied with your vote, that $1 would become a $3 donation to the winning charity.

Almost as murky as the 2020 presidential election, the votes continued to trickle in long after the end of the day.  The election results weren't called until . . . well, now. While no results were contested, and there were no voting irregularities, the outcome was not super decisive. Without further ado then, here is how the tally ended up.
  • American Cancer Society          +3
  • St. Jude’s Children's Hospital    +7
  • Habitat for Humanity                 +10
See what I mean? Not a landslide victory by any means.

So, NOT in the spirit of Washington, I decided to compromise. I’m simply going to make a donation to each of these charities, as I do every year. For St. Jude’s Children's Hospital and the American Cancer Society (the “losers”) I’m going to send my usual contribution plus triple the number of votes that charity received. So, for example, the American Cancer Society will get my usual contribution + $9, and St. Jude’s will get + $21.
The grand prize winner, Habitat for Humanity, will receive a total donation of $168.00 (which I rounded up to $170).

But wait . . .

Just as I was getting ready to write the check, I got a letter in the mail from Habitat saying that Lowe’s was issuing a challenge and pledged to double every donation made through April 15, 2021. So, my $170 became $340.

With your help and the help of the Lowe’s Challenge, I made donations to 3 extremely worthy causes for a grand total of $420.00. 

Not bad for a simple email reply.

Many thanks to those of you who replied and made your voices heard. These three worthy charities, no doubt, thank you too.
What does a copywriter do and how can one help you?
A copywriter writes copy, which is anything you see written anywhere—in print, online, even on the airwaves. And a real person (like me) writes it. I'm not a marketing agency--my clients deal directly with me, which keeps the costs down. 

I recently added video scriptwriting to my list of services, so if your business needs help with a writing project, look no further. Ask me about your email campaign, newsletter, website revision, or case study. No matter your project, I can help.  
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