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We made a New Year's resolution to the Christie community to keep in touch more often, via Facebook and Twitter, and we like to think that we've kept that promise. To kick 2013 off we asked you to tell us the strangest place you've read an Agatha Christie novel - you did not disappoint!

Charline Kelly - "In surgery. I was having a minor procedure and thought Agatha would keep my mind off what the doc was doing, he couldn't believe how calm i was... I didn't tell him i had to read the same 2 paragraphs about 8 times!!"

Joan Casey - "During a cyclone in North Queensland, in the late 1950's.... Was so scared that I kept thinking to myself "should I look up who-done-it," just to satisfy myself that I was right, in case I didn't survive the cyclone!?,!"

Emma Hultgren - "I'm only 23 so I have a number of years to find a weirder place to read Agatha Christie, but so far the weirdest was up a ladder, I was holding it for my dad when he was cleaning out the gutters around our home"

Charikleia Vlastou - "In a courtroom, waiting for my case to be heard."
Christie Fan Art
From Poirot Dolls by Tamás Kriszti Tara to a cross-stitch list of every Christie novel by Catherine Ryan - we've also received many excellent David Suchet-esque Poirot portraits. If you've ever been inspired by Christie to get creative then our Facebook page is the place for you to share what you've done with the community.
And not forgetting...
Between the 1.2 million of us we've decided that Dame Maggie Smith should make the best screen Miss Marple (should she ever feel inclined), we've been introduced to Agagrams - an Anagram puzzle of one of Agatha's story titles or characters, Susmita Dasgupta shared a photo of her living room arranged as Poirot would have arranged it, Yon Vehmas shared their fetching homemade Poirot jumper and Alisha Taylor shared some Poirot eggs (eggs with moustaches of course). We're also on Twitter @QueenofCrime every day so drop us a line anytime and we'll be sure to get back to you.
Go Back For Murder - near you soon
Currently at The Everyman Theatre in Cheltenham and moving to The Festival Theatre in Malvern on Jan 28th, don't miss your chance to catch this top quality touring Christie play. Full schedule.

Suspects, secrets, and suspense abounds in this new production of Go Back for Murder. Now in its eighth thrilling year, the Official Agatha Christie Theatre Company presents a brand new production of the Queen of Crime’s classic time piece Go Back For Murder. Carla Le Marchant has to live with a disturbing family secret; her mother, Caroline Crale, died in prison while serving life for killing her husband. But on finding a letter in which Caroline claims that she’s innocent, Carla becomes obsessed, determined to clear her mother’s name. Enlisting the help of Justin Fogg, the son of Caroline’s defense lawyer, Carla tracks down a number of people from her mother’s tragic past, only to uncover a shocking truth…
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