May 20, 2020 edition

This newsletter is curated for NJ News Commons and NJ College News Commons partners. 

📰 NJ Spotlight content for republishing

Here are today's NJ Spotlight COVID-19 news stories, all of which are available for you to republish, as long as you follow the guidelines below. (Don't forget: this offer includes text only, not images.)

First, you must take the content as-is; no editing is permitted.

To republish, you can either:
  • Publish the headline, byline (By Author's Name, NJ Spotlight) and the first three paragraphs — with a link back to the full story.
  • Publish the headline, byline and full story, as long as it still links back to the original story, and it includes this required text at the beginning: This story was written and produced by NJ Spotlight. It is being republished under a special NJ News Commons content-sharing agreement related to COVID-19 coverage. To read more, visit
Remember, this is for text only. DO NOT use or republish any images from NJ Spotlight or NJTV.

📺 Videos available for embedding

Here are recent NJTV videos that are available via YouTube embed codes:

  • Nurses claim they wore garbage bags to shield themselves from COVID-19 (Source)
  • Report says New Jersey businesses can open now (Source)
  • Anxiety and depression: The impact COVID-19 has on mental health (Source)
You can also embed episodes of the COVID-19 video Q+A series, "Long Story Short" from

📢 Spanish, Chinese + Korean translation

The Center is now offering weekly translations of COVID-19-related stories in Spanish, Chinese and Korean. We will translate NJ Spotlight stories from English into different languages, and we will translate in-language stories from key partners from Spanish, Chinese and Korean into English. 

All translated stories, with permission from the Center’s news partners, are free for re-publication.

The Center’s ethnic media coordinator, Anthony Advincula, is leading this effort ( Please reach out to Anthony if you have any questions.

The translated copy will be in a shared Google Drive folder, with the date of original publication in the title of each Google Doc.

📂 Click here to access the shared folder.

📝 Use Nordot to republish NJ stories 

Nordot is a story-sharing platform, and several major NJ news organizations — including and the Philadelphia Inquirer — have signed up and made much of their coronavirus coverage available for free republication.

If you sign up, you'll have access to that content and be able to make your stories available for republication, too. 

Click here to learn more and sign up.

You can also reach out to Aya Uryu at Nordot with questions: Send an email with "NJ News Commons" in the subject to

🎓 Solutions stories, plus content from academic experts available for use  

  • The Conversation, a nonprofit news outlet, publishes articles from academic experts that can always be republished for free by other news orgs under a Creative Commons license, and they have a fantastic and growing trove of content related to COVID-19. (There's a "republish this article" button next to every article with details.)
  • Using a Creative Commons license, the Solutions Journalism Network is compiling solutions stories that are free for any newsroom to republish or re-air. Click here to see the current list, which is updated daily. 

📷 Photos available for free republication

  • Photos from Montclair State University assistant professor and photographer Tom Franklin are available for reuse by NJ News Commons members. You must use the full caption and credit info if you republish the photos in this Google folder or through Tom's website.
  • Holy Name Medical Center in Teaneck and its photographer, former photojournalist Jeff Rhode, have previously made images available for use with proper credit (Credit: Jeff Rhode/Holy Name Medical Center). Click here (and scroll down a little bit) to view a previous edition of this newsletter, which lists images available.

💰 New Jersey grant opportunities

Late last week, the Center announced four new opportunities:

💸 National grant + funding opportunities

Coronaviral graphics available for embedding

These excellent graphics from veteran investigative journalist Stephen Stirling's newsletter, Coronaviral, are available for reuse:

Upcoming trainings, webinars + invitations:

NJCH COVID-19 GRANTS NOW AVAILABLE: NJCH is making funds from NEH available as operational and programmatic support for nonprofit organizations that provide humanities programming to public audiences and who are facing financial hardship due to the COVID-19 pandemic Click here to learn more
SOCIAL CARDS TO SHARE: To fight disinformation during COVID-19 and equip communities with the tools they need, Equality Labs created a "medically vetted series of Coronavirus information cards, in an expansive array of languages. Click here to see the cards and learn more

How else can we help? Let us know!

We're happy to adjust what we provide to our partners, based on feedback. We need to know how we can help you — let us know by filling out this survey or just by dropping us an email: Even if you just need someone to listen while you figure everything out, we’re here.

Other items:

  • Free Press is hiring for its News Voices program in NJ (Free Press)

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