Experience the Silence...
Walking on beach, chilling out on Burren Yoga retreat

Sunshine inside

I hope that you are all enjoying this beautiful weather and getting time to spend in Nature. 

Today we are going to Fanore beach to swim and sun bathe.... some going cycling to Tracht beach for a swim, others having massage and just chilling out at the centre.

The Sun and Moon logo for the Burren Yoga and Meditation Centre symbolises the balancing of Masculine and Feminine energies, the Pingala and Ida channels, resulting in energy flowing through Sushumna channel leading to Enlightenment, symbolised by the blue Sanskrit symbol Hung which means Wisdom.

It's important to remind ourselves that we are following yoga and meditation practices in order to get in touch with 'that inner sunshine' that is within everyone one of us.

Within every moment of each day.

These practices help us let go of the 'babble that often preoccupies the mind', and to get in touch with that inner peacefulness, joy and bliss.

So when we see this beautiful sunshine outside, we can use it to remind ourselves that we are learning to cultivate this 'inner sunshine' through our practices.

Today's tip for your practice

The practice of Yoga Nidra involves a San Kalpa which in it's simplest terms means a positive affirmation.

The practice of Yoga Nidra is very powerful at transforming ourselves at a very deep level, and more information can be seen about San Kapla and Yoga Nidra on the website at

Today's tip is to repeat your San Kalpa to yourself 3 times at the start of your yoga practice, and also at the end of the practice.  Not just within your Yoga Nidra practice.... but actually at the start of your asana practice.

If you start your yoga practice in Shavasana while doing some breathing practices... it can be nice to repeat it after these practices when you have time to tune in more deeply to yourself.

This brings a much more subtle level to your practice as you remind yourself of those deep inner transformations you are placing your intention to bring into your life through your yoga practice.

This may sound very airy fairy...and not in keeping with the usual analytical way of looking at things.
But you can test this out quite easily, by trying it each day for a month and see what happens.

Inspiration to help us do our daily practice

One small way to help keep you inspired enough to do your daily practice is to go to a weekly yoga class.  Over time one will realize that attending a yoga class is not actually your practice.

However it is a great way to inspire you to do your own daily practice each day.

We are continuing to add new yoga teachers to our database that teach in every part of Ire;land.

If you would like to find other yoga teachers that teach in your own area, you can see this under our top level menu "Yoga Ireland" and click on your own County.

Thank you to all of you who have let us know about teachers who were missing from our list.

If you know any any yoga teachers who are still not on our list, please send me whatever contact details you have for them.


9 week long yoga retreats left this Summer

You can book a weekend or longer on any of our week long yoga retreats.

Some retreats are booked out already, but there are 1 or 2 places left on most of our retreats.

All our yoga retreats begin on Friday evening at 7:00 pm with dinner.

Prices to stay part of a week long retreat are as follows;
Stay                             Cost    
Leave Sunday             €340   
Leave Monday            €440   
Leave Tuesday           €540   
Leave Wednesday      €640   
Leave Thursday          €690   
A single room costs €120 for the week or part of the week.

All our yoga retreats are listed on the website, and you can see the timetable of each retreat, description of the type of yoga being taught that week and also bio on the yoga teacher.... by clicking on the yoga retreat you are interested in.

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Photo of Paddis Porter Cake yum yum

Today's food tip

If your health is good and you do not have a problem with being under-weight, then it is good to listen to your body and when you do not feel hungry at all...... maybe just skip that meal or have 1 or 2 pieces of fruit with water to drink.

If you can learn to gradually cut out teas and coffee, gradually your taste buds will readjust and if you are lucky to have access to good spring or well water, this can taste great and refreshing.

Many people in the west are used to very strong tastes and often one's taste buds become less sensitive and dulled due to the frequent intake of strongly flavoured foods and drinks.

But as one's regular food and drink habits become more used to more natural foods with less flavourings, it is amazing how one's body and taste buds readjust to this more subtle sense of taste.

A nice stepping stone to getting used to enjoying a cool glass of spring water..... is to add a little squeezed lemon into your water at the start.  When this is taken inside the body it becomes alkaline.
TV Celeb at Burren Yoga.  Quess who she is?

Retreats ranging from Gentle to Strong

Some of our yoga retreats are very gentle and suitable for people of all ages, those with back or other injuries or simply someone looking for a relaxing, refreshing and inspirational break away from your everyday life.

Some of our retreats are very strong, dynamic and require a good level of fitness.

And we have a whole range of yoga retreats within these two ends of the spectrum.

If you are interested to see which retreat is more gentle or stronger than the together, they are listed in the order of most gentle first at
www.burrenyoga.com. Retreat Holidays. Who are retreats are suitable for

However we have a team of 15 very experienced yoga teachers who are well able to teach complete beginners and also advanced practitioners within the one class.  We take a maximum of 15 people on each retreat, and everybody gets very good individual attention.

Burren Yoga Sun and Moon logo with Wisdom Hung symbol

Focus on excellence

We are continuing to bring excellence to all aspects of our retreats including the areas of
  • the best team of yoga and meditation teachers
  • our amazing vegetarian cook Paddi
  • the best guided outings to special locations in the Burren and by the sea
  • the wide range of outdoor activities available on our retreats
  • providing retreats every week of the summer and over 40 retreats each year

Tomorrow we are going on a boat trip to see the Cliffs of Moher from the sea and it is beautiful to see the puffins on the rocks at the base of the cliffs, and also to see the impressive height as one looks up at the cliffs from below.

Fingers crossed we get a lot more of this glorious sunshine for the rest of the summer.

I hope that you find a yoga retreat that fits your exact requirements and we look forward to seeing you here when the time is right for you.

Love and Best Wishes,

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