Enjoy the sunshine and plant the seeds for much more inner sunshine for the future
Burren Yoga and Meditation Centre

Wishing You a beautiful sunny bank holiday weekend

Summer has finally arrived and it looks like we will continue to have some lovely sunny weather over the next while.

I hope that you have a lovely weekend planned for yourself, and if you are coming to join us tomorrow you are in for a treat of the best yoga and meditation with Niamh Jones.

As usual on our week long retreats, we will have daily guided outings where we will see the beautiful early purple orchids (see photo above), the Spring Gentians and many more wild flowers on our walks and visits to local attractions. 

Niamh is a very gifted teacher and after a week's retreat you will feel much more alive, lighter and completed invigorated.

The timetable for Niamh's Hatha yoga week can be seen at "June Bank Holiday yoga retreat"

If you are not coming here for this retreat, we hope that you have a wonderful week or weekend planned for yourself and that you enjoy the sunshine.
Vinyasa flow yoga retreat

New yoga teachers at Burren Yoga

Last weekend we had another very experienced yoga teacher join the team of top class yoga teachers at Burren Yoga and everybody really enjoyed the retreat and were very much inspired by Cathy Pearson's teachings.

Cathy will be coming back to teach a week long retreat in August this year, and photos from last weekend can be seen at "Cathy Pearson's August Vinyasa yoga retreat"

One of the main aims of Burren Yoga is to continue to bring you the best quality yoga and meditation instruction within the best possible environment, and our full team of teachers can be seen at "Burren Yoga's team of top yoga and meditation teachers"

Spring Gentian wild flowers Burren

Photos of Flowers and Landscape

There are some new photos on the website of some of the Burren wild flowers and the landscape at

I hope that you enjoy the photos and that it brings back good memories of your last visit here.

I will add more photos to this section of the website over the coming weeks.
More happy Burren Yoga retreat participants ;-)

More happy inspired visitors

Please forward this email to any of your friends who may be interested.
Free Draw to win a free weekend

Win a free weekend Double Entry

Just for this June Bank Holiday weekend, you may enter a second entry into our free draw to win a free weekend retreat at Burren Yoga and Meditation Centre.

The free draw will be held on mid-summer's day to announce the winner of the free weekend.

Even if you have already entered the draw, you can double your chances by entering 1 more time before Monday 3rd June.  Only entries received before then will
be allowed for 'a second entry'.

Good luck with the draw and you can submit your contact details at "Enter free draw"

Consistency of yoga practice

Consistency is key

This month's tip for your yoga and meditation practice is 'Consistency'.

Some people only remember to do their practice when they have difficultiues in their life;  when they feel that 'crick' in the neck.... when they feel tired or fatigued.... when they feel stressed out or under pressure.

However one of the important 'keys to one's practice' is to consistently keep up one's practice every day.  Even if one only practices between 10 minutes and 20 minutes... it is very important to keep it up.

If you have difficulty with this, try to make a promise to yourself that you will 'get on your mat or your meditation cushion (preferably both) every day for the next 7 days.

And make this promise to yourself with sincerity and real intention.

And then the trick is to repeat this promise to yourself on the 6th day!

There are more helpful tips by clicking on the image above.

I wish you well with your practice and we look forward to seeing you here again when the time is right for you.

Love and Best Wishes,