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CoDE News: June 2022

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New survey: policing and security on UK university campuses
If you are a current, or recently graduated, student we would like to hear your views in our short survey

Featured read

Whiteness is at the heart of racism in Britain – so why is it portrayed as a Black problem?

Meghan Tinsley considers how the recent 'Child Q' case should persuade us all to 'make whiteness visible' to tackle racism rather than casting is as a problem for minoritised groups.


Back view of woman wearing orange jumpsuit, in handcuffs

Pandemic Policing in the UK

5.30pm, 16 June 2022 (online)

We are joining with CoPOWeR for this event exploring policing during Covid 19 and its implications on state racism and public health law and guidance. 

Social Movements & Anti-Racism

11.15am, 15 June 2022 (online)

A special session of the (free, online) Alternative Futures and Popular Protest conference with Alana Lentin, John Narayan Trevor Ngwane, Meghan Tinsley, and Scarlet Harris. What is the relationship between researching social movements, 'race'/racisms and practicing anti-racism.  
Edited image of Ronnie Spector

Notes on a City Girl: Mapping the politics of race, place and sex in 20th C Britain

1pm, 16 June 2022 (online)

Our next CoDE seminar is from Jade Bentil (Oxford) who will be sharing her research on the experiences of Black women in 1960s and 1970s London and the everyday modes of resistance that they cultivated to imagine a radically different world from the de facto segregated realities. 


Uncommon sense podcast graphic with people facing each other on a blue background and photo of Remi Joseph Salisbury

Remi Joseph-Salisbury discusses schools, anti-racism and social injustice

Remi discusses policing in schools, what makes a real education, anti-racism in the classroom and the pop culture trope of the super teacher in the new 'Uncommon Sense' podcast from The Sociological Review. 
Cover of Race culture and media by Anamik Saha

Anamik Saha discusses race, culture and media 

This new episode of the New Books Podcast features Anamik Saha discussing the relationship between race and media, from the construction of the European migrant 'crisis' in 2010s to Black twitter.
Wooden building in garden of tropical agronomy.

Meghan Tinsley on the colonial history of the Garden of Tropical Agronomy

The garden of tropical agronomy, near Paris, was designed to showcase the crops, objects and even humans of the French empire to Parisians in the Colonial Exhibition of 1907 - new podcast from Atlas Obscura.

Event recordings

Missed one of our events? Catch up in your own time. (Full playlist.)
Screenshot from seminar recording shows Yoko Ono's face and Prof Chambers Letson presenting
Watch the recording of 'Shatter and scream: Yoko Ono's grief diaries'
Joshua Chambers-Letson (Northwestern University) shared his research on race and sexuality in Yoko Ono's grief diaries. 

Academic articles and papers

If you hit a paywall, please just ask the author for a free to access version. 

The Limits of Diversity: How publishing industries make race - Anamik Saha and Sandra Van Lente in International Journal of Communication

‘The opposite of nationalism’?: rethinking patriotism in US political discourse - Meghan Tinsley in Identities.
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