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3's The Charm

Issue 7

Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger.  No, I'm not rattling off Daft Punk's classic. I am merely stating what we all want.  What we want for ourselves and our businesses or projects.  We want them to be better, we want them to grow faster, be stronger than the competition and be harder in the long term. But often, we bite off more than we can chew trying to be harder, better, faster and stronger, because we're trying to be all of that NOW.  We don't want to wait for the tree to grow to bear the fruit, we want the damn fruit already.  Problem is, we forget (or ignore, whichever) that there's power in simplicity.  We're so bust trying to go big or go home, we fail at just keeping it simple.  How simple?  Let's take 3 as an example.

Ask 3 people you know -- friends, family, co-workers, friends of friends -- to buy your product.  Or to solicit your services.  Have those 3 people to ask 3 people they know.  Ask 3 people to leave a positive review for your business and its products.  Ask 3 people who you haven't already asked, to like or follow your social media sites.  Ask 3 new people to connect with you on LinkedIn.  Join 3 new network or industry groups.  Build 3 new relationships.  Help out 3 friends.  Promote 3 other businesses you like and support.  Start with 3.  The number of seems small because you can count higher. But 3 has impact.  Don't focus so much on faster, focus on better. A lot can get accomplished with 3.  3's the charm. 

Résumé Mojo
 If you haven't stopped by Résumé Mojo yet, please check out the site. I mentioned last issue, that I had recently started this project and so far, I've been having a ball getting it rolling. And what I'm looking for right now are people who want to share their employment experiences: job hunting stories, interview tips, horror stories, bad bosses, whatever.  I welcome it all.  Also, if you know of a company that's hiring, I welcome that as well. 
Give Support To Get Support #GSTGS
Pepper Grease, is a book written by a former English teacher of mine and it's a collection of poems that outline his personal life's journey.  Rhythmic and eclectic. If you're into the more creative, check it out. 
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