What would you like to learn today? Montessori Commons updates makes things easier to read.
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What would you like to learn today?

Hi Everyone,

We've has spent sometime giving Montessori Commons a face lift and reorganising it a little so it is easy to see the order of the presentations. If you go to the homepage you will now see a large Google-esque search box.

The Montessori Commons archives are already over 190 articles strong and after the Summer there will be even more. One easy way to find what you are looking for is to search and we are working hard to make the search more accurate ... so stay tuned.

We've also spent some time working to make the content more readable so it should be much easier to digest. Hopefully the presentations are much easier to read too.

In the Autumn more will be added to the Elementary section, including lots of presentations on Music and Zoology.

Enjoy! Rachel

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Aseema is an NGO based in India that works with people from poor communities to provide education, housing and health care. I completed my teaching practice in their kindergarden near Mumbai's airport.
Technology, Education and Design

Global conferences in Technology Education and Design that are freely available and last for less than 15 minures. Ranging from theoretical perspectives to ongoing projects, there are many inspiring ideas to supplement a hard days work.
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