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Fidelity completes 15 years

NEW: Cloud based hotel solution for small properties- Hotelinco PMS Service

Fidelity and project ISN receives an excellent grade by ITEA2 experts

Slovenian Red Cross Youth and Health Resort Debeli rtic switches to Fidelity

Events attended
: HotRest 2012, GastExpo 2013, CeBit 2013, ITB Berlin 2013
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Dear customers, partners and colleagues,

as we mark our 15th anniversary of Fidelity Hospitality Solutions we are pleased to welcome You to the first issue of Fidelity to Hospitality, the newsletter from MAiS,Inc., the international provider of software solutions for hospitality and leisure industry.

Our aim is to send out a newsletter on a quarterly basis to keep you informed about important updates within our business, our products and company, our clients and new client wins, partnerships and any other information we want to pass your way.

We hope you will enjoy reading us!

Best regards,

Iva Kunej

Head of Marketing Communications

Fidelity completes 15 years

Yes, it has already been 15 years. In 1998, we delivered the first installations of our hotel management system "Fidelity". Since then, Fidelity has proven to be a highly functional and intelligent business software, supporting business processes of hotel and other hospitality companies for a number of business organizations in Slovenia and abroad. Indeed, we see our customers as partners and they are also one of the key reason behind our innovatively successful 15 years.

We invite You, our customer, to tell us what it means to be in association with MAiS and our Fidelity solutions. Let us know your comments, thoughts, experience or feedback on using our solutions.

Leave us a message.

Hotelinco PMS Service - a cloud based solution for small properties

For small properties here is a new, powerful and secure cloud-based PMS solution. Based on the extensive IT knowledge and rich experiences in the big-sized hospitality industry, we developed Hotelinco - Hotel PMS Service, having in mind that the small and mid-sized hospitality industry has similar challenges, only the scale is smaller. Affordable even for the smallest. Hotelinco delivers all the hotel management system a hotelier needs. Available via internet – as a service.

Find out more                    Download brochure in pdf

Intelligent energy consumption optimization in hotels brings business and environmental benefits

Fidelity & project ISN receives an excellent grade by ITEA2 experts

On March 12, MAIS participated in the final audit of the ISN (Interoperable Sensor Networks) R&D project, carried out in the ITEA2 cluster of EUREKA program of intergovernmental cooperation in the field of industrial research. In this project, MAIS cooperated with four partners from Belgium and Spain to improve the connectivity of modern wireless sensors and actuators and to demonstrate their use for energy conservation in greenhouses, in office buildings as well as in hotels. MAIS’s focus in this project was on intelligent energy consumption optimization in hotels using WSN technology.

Among the most innovative achievements of this cooperation were open-source gateway for online monitoring of wireless sensor nodes under Contiki operating system via energy-efficient Internet Protocol CoAP/6LowPAN and its demonstrations in three critical real-life applications including MAIS’s Fidelity hotel management application. 
The panel of ITEA2 experts estimated that ISN project showed the first commercial platform based on CoAP protocol for the three mentioned application areas.

In concluding remarks, the panelists assessed ISN as a small but well-focused project with sound results and good prospects for using the results for improved market impact of the five project partners.

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Slovenian Red Cross Youth and Health Resort Debeli rtic switches to Fidelity Hospitality Solutions

Youth and Health Resort Debeli Rtic has switched its properties to Fidelity Hospitality Solutions.  For managing their holiday centre, health and wellness centre as well as business centre they will use a comprehensive Fidelity Property Management System, Fidelity RMS, Fidelity Leisure & Wellness,  Fidelity Medical Management System and Fidelity Banquet and Event Management System. Slovenian Red Cross Youth and Health Resort Debeli Rtic, based on the Slovenian Coast, operates under the Slovenian Red Cross Association (The Slovenian Red Cross – Federation of Associations is an independent humanitarian volunteer Federation of Red Cross Associations, which acts on the territory of the Republic of Slovenia).

For more information about Youth and Health Resort Debeli rtič click here

Events attended

Our solutions were presented in:

-HotRest,  Bled 2012
-GastExpo Ljubljana 2013
-CEBIT Berlin 2013
-ITB Berlin 2013
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