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We have moved our office to a new location

MAiS Member of The Slovenian-German Chamber of Commerce

Fidelity in accordance with the new Slovenian tax novelties

Hotelinco PMS Service among the best services in the cloud

Fidelity Medical Solution within the project Strategical data in the field of Health Care

We were present at
: EuroCloud DAY Slovenia 2013
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Dear customers, partners and colleagues,

the past few months have been particulary diverse and the start of the summer has been extremely hot. In addition to many interesting business events, new collaborations and intensive preparations for the new Slovenian tax law, we have also moved our office to new premises.
We spent nearly 15 years at our previous location on Zg. Gameljne 20 in Ljubljana. That is where we have developed and provided efficient innovative solutions for our clients, recruited new clients and staff, and continuously grew together. Our motto has always been: »Fidelity is fidelity to hospitality business.«
Since we constantly strive to create sophisticated business processes, follow new technologies, modernize and develop new innovative solutions, and because we wanted to continue to provide highly competitive services, we have taken the next step.
Moving to the new premises brings better working conditions for our engineers and software developers and therefore better quality of our services. Our new address is: MAiS Informacijski sistemi, d.d. LeskoÅ¡kova cesta 10, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia. 

Ready for new challenges ahead!

Best regards,

Iva Kunej

Head of Marketing Communications

Excited to announce: We have moved to a new location!

We are excited to announce that our team has moved to new premises, close to the business - shopping center BTC City in Ljubljana.

With 27 June 2013 we also changed our official business address to MAiS Informacijski sistemi, d.d., LeskoÅ¡kova cesta 10, 1000 Ljubljana.

Our existing telephone numbers as well as other points of contacts will remain the same. However, we have changed some elements of our office organisation and renewed some working processes. With the new premises, we have enabled better working conditions for our engineers and increased the quality of our services.

See location.

MAiS member of the Slovenian-German Chamber of Commerce

MAiS Inc. has become a member of the Slovenian-German Chamber of Commerce (AHK Slovenia). The decision for the membership is based on the fact that our company has been actively working in the German market for many years now. Since many of our business partners and clients are from Germany, we believe that this market will continue to be very important for us. What is more, we want to increase and strenghten this cross-border cooperation.

The aim of the Slovenian-German Chamber of Commerce is to help German, Slovenian and international clients in finding new business opportunities and to satisfy client demands with a wide range of services. Slovenian-German Chamber of Commerce works bilaterally and equally represents the interests of German and Slovenian companies.The Slovenian-German Chamber of Commerce is part of a wide network of German foreign trade chambers, which encompasses 80 countries. The network consists of 12 chambers with 40,000 members, with the countries included accounting for 98% of Germany's foreign trade.

More about AHK Slovenia.

Fidelity in accordance with Slovenian tax novelties 

Starting with 1st July, the new Rules on the requirements for computer applications and electronic devices, administration and operation of the information system and contents, form, method and time limits for submission of data are effective. 

The rules prescribe in details the requirements for a computer application to fulfill the provisions under the Article 38, Paragraphs 8 and 9 of the Act if computer programs or electronic devices, used by persons liable for tax for issuing of invoices at cash operation or for keeping these invoices, provide keeping of original data about invoices issued at cash operation and their subsequent changes. Data about invoices issued at cash operation and their subsequent changes may be stored in the electronic device or another electronic data carrier, so that their contents may be printed in the prescribed method and form.

Here, we would point out that all Fidelity products have always been designed and developed in accordance with the standards of audit traceability ever since they were first issued in 1998. Therefore no deleting of invoices have been possible. 
However, there were some adjustments neccesary according to the Rules, namely the implementation of the new module, which enables the printing of data about invoices in the prescribed method and form. 

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Hotelinco PMS Service among best services in the cloud!

Web-based software solution Hotelinco PMS Service was among the finalists for the prize EuroCloud Slovenia in 2013, in the category of the best services in the cloud.

This category is intended for cloud computing services that have the greatest market potential due to their specific characteristics. This added value is determined by the offered functionalities, such as connectivity and interoperability of the service, as well as flexible and efficient use of data centers. The service follows best practices with a focus on securing business and personal data. EuroCloud Slovenia award is granted by the Slovenian Chamber of Commerce - Association of Information Technology and Telecommunications and EuroCloud Slovenia (Zavod e-oblak). The aim of the award is to promote the development, commercialization, and usage of the cloud solutions.

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Fidelity Medical Solution within the project  Strategical data in the field of Health Care

Within the Slovenian national project of Strategical data in the field of healthcare (eHealth projects), we have developed and implemented a new module for the Fidelity Medical Information System which enables our customers - healthcare providers to: use the code "VZD" in all functions of the information system and to transmit data on health services as well as exchange data of medical services billing.

Modules are fully integrated into the Fidelity Medical Information System and enable logging, statistical monitoring and billing of medical services for several groups of health care services. Software modules are installed and in use in the medical-rehabilitation center of Thermana Lasko and in Health center MZL Debeli rtic, Slovenia.

We were present at:

18. 6. 2013, EuroCloudDAY - Hotelinco among finalists for the best service in the cloud - presentation at EuroCloud DAY Slovenia 2013 
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