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On December 2nd our beloved Mary, land dog, friend to hundreds, and longest resident of Wolf Creek Sanctuary passed away in Garden House, comforted by Stewards, friends, and compassionate medical care.

In honor of Mary's Stewardship and to thank her spirit for the 15+ years spent with us, some faeries are keeping lit altars for a full moon cycle.

Mary has been buried near the bridge along a path she often walked to greet visitors.  A permanent altar is in the planning stages.

Detail from the new Garden House tiled shower enclosure.

This lovely new shower is already in use by Stewards and winter visitors, replacing the old tub and curtain arrangement.  

It is projected to be the first phase of a complete bath refurbishment and upgrade.

Find out the dates for Gatherings and all Nomenus meetings by checking our Google Calendar .

Questions?  Planning a visit to the Sanctuary?


Drought update

November and December have blessed Wolf Creek with abundant rain and some snowfall.

We hope that regular rains will continue through the winter, both for the forest & meadows, and to help start recharging our groundwater - a multiyear process. 

We are continuing to ask all visitors to bring 3-5 gallons of water per person per day for personal use.  
The WSGRF Call


A Winter Spiritual Gathering of Radical Faeries at Wolf Creek
FEBRUARY 26-29, 2016
Under the waning moon in the late winter skies of Southern Oregon we are called to gather. At this first Winter Spiritual Gathering of Radical Faeries, a small and intimate circle of brothers will explore together what it means to be a Radical Faerie faggot at this time. How and where and why do we gather? How do we align our values with our beings? How do we unite cockspace, headspace, heartspace? How do we transcend the sad shuffle of the mundane mundance and groove up into the orgasmic splooge of the cosmos? Come together to spin the threads of our story into a chrysalis cocooning the dream of Faggots and their friends with narratives of especially brilliant golden colors.
Let us hang this in the Tree of Life held by our grandmothers and grandfathers to tend a new vision of gathering for our tribe.

  • We will heart circle.
  • There will be ritual.
  • There will be sacred intimacy.
  • We’ll structure the weekend together, You and We.
Demonstrate commitment by registering.

Do you need a ride or can you offer one?

The link is here:
The Sanctuary will accommodate 20 people for this winter gathering. There will be the option of winter camping for those interested; and the indoor spaces will be shared in a cozy manner.
Given the restricted capacity participants must register.
Express support by contributing.
Nomenus asks for a donation of $35/day. We ask that you give as you are able.
Also, if you want to contribute to a discussion about the gathering, what you’d like to see or what you can offer, please send your ideas to We’ll share at the gathering what we’ve heard, as well as our Facebook page, “Spiritual Gathering of Radical Faeries.”
Read the complete Call here:
Welcome Home Circle

Nomenus has a new Welcome Home Circle, dedicated to expanding our community's abilities to meet the access needs of any and all Fairies in our feymily and to breaking down the Wall of Other between those fairies with access needs and those without them by promoting usability and universal design as Fairy virtues.

The majority of our work will be involved with meeting access needs based upon mobility, fatigue, pain, mental realities, sense needs (such as our Deaf friends), sensory integration needs, et cetera, but we will also address things like linguistic access needs for Fairies who speak little to no English and other such things.

One of our first projects, undertaken this fall was to rehab Beelzebub with enhanced accessibility in mind.  The Garden House shower rebuild has also been designed to increase accessibility.

Email to join meetings, projects, or with questions

If you shop on Amazon...

Nomenus is now registered with Amazon Smile to receive a donation for purchases when you access their website through the link below.

Whether you're buying a 55 gallon drum of lube for your housewarming, or that special tea-cozy for Gramma, your retail therapy can support the Sanctuary.  When linking through, you can save Nomenus so every purchase generates a donation.
Note that Nomenus is not endorsing Amazon or their business practices.
A Special Thank You
to all who donated and helped in the delivery of this lovely commercial refrigerator for the Barn.
The building committee will continue to investigate additional cold and cool food storage options for Gatherings and the summer visitor season
(no, Mary is not inside)

Be a Dear Heart - 
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Your recurring monthly donation of $5, $10, $20, $50, or even $100 can keep Nomenus and Wolf Creek Sanctuary thriving throughout the year.

Sanctuary expenses average $80 per day / $2400  a month at non-gathering times.  This amount covers food, utilities, and basic ongoing costs of keeping the Sanctuary open.

 Both one-time as well as recurring gifts are greatly appreciated, and are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.


Rideshare Board

Whether you're coming to a gathering or to visit, Nomenus has an ongoing rideshare board at

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Faerie Gatherings
Here There & Everywhere.

Radfae keeps a list of every gathering they can find around the world:
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