August 2014

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Project News

After the Luxembourg workshop, the same methodology has been used by the other partners in their regions. By doing so, the Ecologistics project gathered all the needs from SMEs (through surveys, interviews and workshops) in order to build the skeleton of the EPC demonstrator with field data.
After the workshops, several companies decided to join the project as "Case Study" to create real life scenarii for the demonstrator.
Designing these scenarii from real companies enables to prove 2 things:
- the potential added value of the EPC standard
- to ensure the EPC standard is in line with the SMEs day to day issues

We are currently implementing the scenarii to the demonstrator (the first scenario will be ready in septembre 2014) and designing training courses based on these scenarii to train logistic operators and show to SMEs the relevance of the EPC standard.


Ecologistics traceability conference: Save the date 14 Oct. 2014 Brussels

On October 14th, 2014 in the afternoon (1.30pm - 07pm), the partners of Ecologistics project are organizing a conference about traceability in Brussels. The conference will be held in the same venue as The European Forum of Logistics Clusters.

The subject of the conference will be: the added value of IT tools and GS1 standards for implementing traceability in logistics. You will receive soon more details about this event.

Preliminary program

  • Presentation of GS1 standards.
  • Testimony of 3 companies about the implementation of traceability using GS1 standards in their supply chain.
  • Demonstration of the first scenario integrated in our demonstrator.
  • Ecologistics, how to join us?
Looking forward to meeting you.
More information and registration in the next Newsletter.

Second City Reference Group

In the project, a large part is dedicated to urban logistics and its specific issues (deliveries in peak periods, pollution, nuisance…). The City Reference Group has been created in this context, bringing together several European cities and institutions active in urban logistics. The aim of this meeting will be to discuss the opportunity to integrate ICT in urban logistics in order to improve the economic and environmental efficiency.

The purpose of this meeting is to make changes to the draft scenario of urban logistics we have written since the 1st meeting (held in June, the 12nd) and to approve it.

The second meeting will take place on the 06th of November from 9.30 AM at the Kennispoort  - John F. Kennedylaan 2 - 5612 AB Eindhoven - Netherlands

The European Forum of Logistics Clusters

This event will tackle the most important challenges for the future of the logistics business and will also sketch how clusters can contribute in the facing of these challenges.

Through the 1st Forum for European Logistic Clusters, the partner Regions of the European projects LOG4GREEN, SoCool@EU and LOG2020 would like to provide the anticipated 300 attendees with:

  • A focus on 6 major topics, identified as common subjects for consideration in future Logistics (Supply chain network coordination and collaboration: success factors in the future, Designing smart cities, E-commerce explosion, Green investments in supply chains,  how to give more chances to multimodality?
  • Changing & challenging the logistic sector: requirements & perspectives for (executive) education.
  • International keynote speakers and parallel sessions composed of European expert panels to map out the logistic landscape with its pending, up and coming challenges.
  • A matchmaking event, giving you the opportunity of meeting professionals corresponding to the profiles and interests you are looking for, for further collaboration or exchange of best practices and experiences.
  • Meeting with relevant European networks…
    General Assembly of the European Technology Platform ALICE
    General Assembly of OpenENLoCC
  • Transfer of information to the European, national and regional authorities.
More information


1. EPC - Electronic Product Code


2. How the Internet of Things Impacts Supply Chains


3. PANOPA opens Plant Consolidation Centre for smart France

The handing over of the keys marked the launch of operation of the new Plant Consolidation Centre (PCC) on the plant grounds of smart France SAS in Hambach, Lorraine. PANOPA Logistique France SARL will perform extensive logistics services there in connection with production of the new smart fortwo model series for the automaker on an area of 17,000 square metres.

Version française : PANOPA inaugure le Plant Consolidation Center pour smart France

4. Electronic Product Code (EPC) und Nutzen für den Mittelstand

Pressebox Mitteilung  über IPL Workshop Ecologistics

5. Der elektronische Produktcode EPC

Der elektronische Productcode, kurz EPC, ermöglicht eine weltweit eindeutige Identifikation von Produkten.

6. The Value of Product identity

The shift towards item-level traceability coupled with the development of intelligent consumer interfaces and smart phone technology offers manufacturers the opportunity to drive competitive differentiation from the personification of their products.

Read the white paper
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