August 2014
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As the transport and logistics sector becomes more and more specialised, the need for professional training is growing. Coordinated by CRP Henri Tudor, “Logistics Skills Transparency” is a Transfer of Innovation project part of the Leonardo da Vinci programme, a sub-programme of the LifeLong Learning programme, that brings together partners from Luxembourg, Slovakia, Bulgaria, France and Italy.

The project aims to create training programmes designed for two selected occupations: warehouse manager (in the pharmaceutical logistics sector) and freight handler (in perishable goods). 
To this end, the partners will draw on the approach used in the previous Innovation Transfer (CENTRAL) project, adopting its work method. The general project objectives are to adapt and create professional standards for these two occupations as well as to coach trainers in this new method.

Educational standards will also be defined based on the principles of the European credit system for vocational education and training (ECVET) in order to establish transparent educational results which aptly describe knowledge, aptitudes and skills.

This project has been funded with support from the European Commission.
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