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Vote for us in the 2015 UK Blog Awards!

Evidently Cochrane and Students 4 Best Evidence are two blogs managed here at the UK Cochrane Centre. Evidently Cochrane has just celebrated its second birthday, and Students 4 Best Evidence isn’t far behind.

The second UK Blog Awards are coming up, and the public vote has just opened. It’s the big one, covering a multitude of industries and interests. Follow the links just below to place your vote for us. Read on to discover some reasons why.

Vote for Evidently Cochrane
Vote for Students 4 Best Evidence

What is Evidently Cochrane, Anyway?

Evidently Cochrane is one of the main ways that the UKCC tries to connect the work of the Cochrane Collaboration with real people in the real world. Sarah Chapman and her guest bloggers take up the conclusions of recent interesting or notable Cochrane reviews and write about them, for example here, here, and here. These blogs often tie in with national awareness days or things that are big in the news that week. They aim to say things clearly and to communicate with people using the best evidence, fresh from Cochrane, often combined with a view from an expert, whether a patient or a professional.

So, what is Students 4 Best Evidence?

Students 4 Best Evidence is different. An idea that started in Oxford was combined with the help and enthusiasm of a small group of medical students in the UK and abroad. Students are often very interested in Evidence-Based Medicine, so the thought was to create some kind of global network where enthusiasts can find EBM resources, review those resources and publications, teach each other, engage with hot topics, and advocate for new initiatives, all the while boosting their CV with some published writing. This idea was nurtured at the UK Cochrane Centre, with a guiding hand from the UKCC’s communications expert Holly Millward. Since launching last year, the blog has grown and grown, and grown.

We’re definitely in with a chance

If the blogs get through the public vote, they will be shortlisted. This happens to ten blogs from each category, so we really can do this. Evidently Cochrane and S4BE are thoughtful, intelligent, Cochrane-inspired presences in the world of blog publishing, so give us a little boost by voting and spreading the news, and help make the judges sit up and take notice of the great work that the Cochrane Collaboration and all its review groups, like yours, do.

Voting only takes a moment, so if you think we’re worth it, go and vote! Thank you!
Best wishes,
The UK Cochrane Centre
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