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Spring 2013 Newsletter

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Parents, educators, writers, and word lovers! W.O.R.D. Ink has tons to offer this spring and summer! We can’t wait to work with you!

  • K-16 Academics
  • Homeschooling
  • Admission Essays
  • Test preparation
  • Writing Workshops
  • Enrichment courses
  • Editorial Services
  • Summer programs
  • Kid-YA Literature Resources & Educational Tools
Considering summer tutoring? W.O.R.D. Ink is ready to help. Whether review or preview, one-to-one or small group, our educators will help your students make significant strides over the summertime, so they can return to school feeling focused, organized, and confident!
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Writing Workshops for Kids
Writing Skills Workshop
Writing Skills Workshop
Tabletop Moviemaking Workshop
Tabletop Moviemaking Workshop
Writing Skills Workshop
Writing Skills Workshop
Tabletop Moviemaking Workshop
Tabletop Moviemaking Workshop

          Build-It-Yourself Workshops

for Kids & Adults!!

Parents & Students!

We are offering brand-new “Build-It-Yourself” summer enrichment workshops FOR ALL AGES! If you’re home for the break or looking for personal / professional development opportunities, our BIY courses could be the perfect way to keep you or your K-12 students engaged in learning while receiving feedback that maximizes potential! 

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SOME ideas for BIY workshops include:  

SOME Ideas for Workshops Include...


 - Application Writing for Middle &        High School (student & parent            courses)
 - AP Prep (all subjects)
 - Art: 
Mixed Media Collage (Drawing,    Charcoal, Painting, Digital                  Photography)
 - Art: Observing, Creating, Writing
 - The Art & Craft of Essay Writing
 - Beginning French
 - Blogging & Website Creation
 - Calculus
 - Chemistry
 - College Essays: The Art of the            Personal Narrative
 - Composition Fundamentals
 - Creative/Literary Writing
 - Creative Nonfiction
 - Debate Strategies: Oral and Written
 - Digital Storytelling
 - Drama, Reader’s Theatre &                Performance
 - Film & Art as Literature
 - Geometry
 - Grammar Intensive
Graphic Design (Adobe Illustrator,      Photoshop, Dreamweaver)
 - “Her Story”: Women Throughout        History
 - Journalism
 - Literary Analysis
 - Playwriting
 - Physics
 - Poetry: The Gateway to Masterful        Prose
 - Pre-Algebra
 - Prepping for the ISEE / SAT / GRE /      GMAT
 - Reading Strategy Intensive
 - Research Methods & Critical                Thinking
 - Tabletop Moviemaking (June 17-21 or June 24-28)
 - Zine-making + Mixed Media Art

Research has shown that being tutored is the most effective way to learn. But the key is finding a great tutor.

Here’s where W.O.R.D. Ink’s expert tutors come in. Along with being nurturing, empathetic and enthusiastic, our team has a number of teaching strategies that set us apart. We: 

  1. Foster a sense of control in students, making them feel in command of the material, and asking them to explain their reasoning.
  2. Challenge students at a level of difficulty that is within their reach.
  3. Instill confidence in students by maximizing success (expressing confidence in their ability to tackle challenges great and small) and by minimizing failure (providing helpful rationale for mistakes, emphasizing the part of the problem the student got right, or  allowing mistakes when they can provide valuable learning experiences.)
  4. Encourage curiosity by using Socratic methods (asking leading questions) and by linking the problem to other problems the student has seen that appear on the surface to be different.
  5. Contextualize by placing the problem in a real-world context or in a context from a movie, song, book, TV show, travel experience, etc.

Looking for Awesome...

  • Book ideas, research tools, or creative outlets for your kids and teens?

  • Want access to an ever-growing list of resources for students, parents, writers, and educators?

    We’ve organized our ongoing collections on popular social bookmarking sites like Pinterest, Delicious, and Scribd, so they’re easy to download, save and share!

Other Resources We’re Loving Right Now:

  • Frankel College Counseling: Candice Frankel has over 20 years of college counseling experience and was the former Academic Dean / College Counselor at Crossroads School. Candice has an exceptional track record of student acceptances into top choice high schools and colleges. Her proven methods help reduce stress for the entire family, while ensuring that students take control of their education, discover their passions, and achieve success.
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