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Build It Yourself Workshops
Build It Yourself Workshops with W.O.R.D. Ink

Build-It-Yourself Workshops

We’re excited to see so many parents trying out our affordable, new BIY workshops, custom-made to fit your group's specific skill level, interests, and schedule. BIY courses are the perfect way to keep you and your K-12 students engaged in learning. Great for friends or siblings! Get on the bandwagon and set up a workshop today! 

Build It Yourself Workshops by W.O.R.D. Ink

Team Expansion!

W.O.R.D. Ink is actively expanding its talented teaching team to provide you with experienced tutors in all subjects K-12, languages (Spanish, French, Latin), test prep (ERB, ISEE, ACT/SAT, AP, GRE), and admission essays to top-choice schools. Drop us a line and let us know how we can help you navigate your student’s learning experience!

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W.O.R.D. of the Week’s biweekly blog posts focus on 4 central themes designed to provide you and your kids with valuable strategies, reflections, and resources to improve learning and communication skills. 

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Research has shown that being tutored is the most effective way to learn. But the key is finding a great tutor.

Here’s where W.O.R.D. Ink’s expert tutors come in. Along with being nurturing, empathetic and enthusiastic, our team has a number of teaching strategies that set us apart. We: 

  1. Foster a sense of control in students, making them feel in command of the material, and asking them to explain their reasoning.
  2. Challenge students at a level of difficulty that is within their reach.
  3. Instill confidence in students by maximizing success (expressing confidence in their ability to tackle challenges great and small) and by minimizing failure (providing helpful rationale for mistakes, emphasizing the part of the problem the student got right, or  allowing mistakes when they can provide valuable learning experiences.)
  4. Encourage curiosity by using Socratic methods (asking leading questions) and by linking the problem to other problems the student has seen that appear on the surface to be different.
  5. Contextualize by placing the problem in a real-world context or in a context from a movie, song, book, TV show, travel experience, etc.

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Other Resources We’re Loving Right Now:

Newsela: Finally, Current Events for All Grade Levels!

NewselaCurrent events are a standard homework requirement for most 3rd-12th graders. Or maybe you wish they were! Still, spending hours searching for a grade-level appropriate and reputable text that’s not only interesting but also newsworthy is a daunting task for educators and parents alike. All hail Newsela! Your one-stop shop for unlimited access to hundreds of free daily news articles written to multiple levels of text complexity.

W.O.R.D. Ink tutor Jaya, who will be covering Newsela in our upcoming DISCOVER blog post, shares that Newsela is so incredible because, “it responds to the varying needs in our diverse classrooms. Not only does it instantly expose students to events, personalities, and mindsets outside of their immediate environment, Newsela strives to make global news accessible. By building computer literacy, educational ownership, and overall awareness, Newsela is a tool that educators and parents can use to foster empowered and informed learners.” 

Smart Study Strategies

American Educator“Teaching students how to learn is as important as teaching them content, because acquiring both the right learning strategies and background knowledge is important—if not essential—for promoting lifelong learning." (American Educator, Fall 2013 Issue)

Most effective:

“Distributive practice” (spreading study sessions across the calendar. The longer you want to remember the information, the longer the calendar intervals should be.)

Practice testing (flash cards count!)

Least effective:

RereadingSummarizing, & Highlighting

Talk with Your Kids 

Annie Murphy Paul in a recent Brilliant Report blog post looks into how parents of all backgrounds can have a greater impact on educational accomplishment than by any other method and for free: CONVERSATION.

“Engaging in this reciprocal back-and-forth gives children a chance to try out language for themselves, and also gives them the sense that their thoughts and opinions matter. As they grow older, this feeling helps kids develop into assertive advocates for their own interests.”
What kinds of conversations foster success at school? Discussions about:
  • Numbers and counting
  • Spatial properties of the physical world (helps with problem solving)
  • “Academic socialization” (for middle school students, setting expectations and making connections between behavior and goals)

Raising a Motivated Student

Dr. Laura Markham looks at why being a good student matters in life. Most important: quality of life. “People who can do enough math to handle mortgages and taxes, who understand the financial and political forces that affect their personal lives, who know something about the natural and scientific worlds, who can use the human legacy of great art and literature to make sense of life -- research shows these people have richer, happier lives, make better decisions, and are more responsible citizens.” 

 AP Online Test Prep with Shmoop  – for Students & Teachers!

The Shmoop Logo and mission statement says “we speak student” Photo Credit: (http://www.sbschools)

Frankel College Counseling: Candice Frankel has over 20 years of college counseling experience and was the former Academic Dean / College Counselor at Crossroads School. Candice has an exceptional track record of student acceptances into top choice high schools and colleges. Her proven methods help reduce stress for the entire family, while ensuring that students take control of their education, discover their passions, and achieve success.
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