21st World Congress of AIMS

The 21st World Congress of AIMS will be held in Athens on 10-11 November 2016 at the CROWNE PLAZA ATHENS CITY CENTER (190 rooms). Other nearby hotels are available to accommodate any additional requirements.

Those who wish to participate can register online at the official Congress website:

Congress Schedule:

Congress Day 1: Thursday 10 November (09.00-17.30)
  • Welcome by hosting authorities and AIMS President (09.00-09.30)
    AIMS Business: Progress reports* (09.30-11.00)
    Coffee break (11.00-11.30)
    Presentations by ASICS, Marathon Photos, R-bies (11.30-12.00)
    Distance Running – what is the future?
    Presentations by Carlo Capalbo (RRC Chairman), EAA speaker, AIMS Race directors from America and Asia (12.00-13.00)
    Lunch (13.00 – 14.30)
    Int'l Institute of Race Medicine: Presentation by Chris Troyanos (14.30-15.00) "Building a Medical Infrastructure - from Budget to Deployment"
    Presentation of bids to host 22nd World Congress of AIMS (15.00–15.45)
    Coffee break (15.45-16.15)
    Discussion groups on “what is the future?” presentations (16.15-17.00)
    Report-back to Congress floor (17.00-17.30)
    Congress welcome reception at 20.00
Congress Day 2: Friday 11 November (09.00-17.45)
  • Introduction of candidates for Board positions (09.00-09.45)
    Presentation (to be confirmed) (09.45-10.20)
    Presentation by Alessandra Pairin on “New Technologies for Live Broadcasting of Distance Races” (10.20-10.55)
    Coffee break (11.00-11.30)
    Voting for venue of 22nd World Congress of AIMS (11.30-12.25)
    Voting for Board positions (12.25-13.00)
    Lunch (13.00 – 14.30)
    Presentation by Dr Kevin Dutton: “Why do runners cheat?” (14.30-14.50)
    Interview with Diane Modahl: “When testing goes wrong” (14.50-15.10)
    Q&A session (15.10-15.30)
    Coffee break (15.30-16.00)
    Presentation by Kyle Barber (tbc) on IAAF testing protocols (16.00-16.30)
    Presentation by Yanis Pitsiladis on "An alternative testing process" (16.30-17.00)
    Concluding remarks (17.00-17.15)
    Post Congress Press Conference (17.15-17.45)
    Congress Reception and AIMS Awards at 20.00
Saturday 12 November
  • Transport from Athens to Marathon (11.00-12.00)
    Athens Marathon Opening ceremony at Tomb of the Fallen Warriors (12.30-13.15)
    Congress photo (13.30-13.45)
    Marathon Flame lighting ceremony (13.45-14.00)
    Transport to Marathon Lake (14.05-14.30)
    Marathon Town & SEGAS Lunch Reception at Marathon Lake (14.30-16.00)
    Transport back to Athens (16.00-17.00)
Sunday 13 November: Race day: Athens Marathon – The Authentic
  • Bus Departure to Marathon Race start (07.15)
    5km race start (07.45)
    10km race start (08.45)
    "Athens Marathon. The Authentic" start at Marathon (09.00)
    Bus departs from Marathon Town to Panathenaikon Stadium finish line
    1st male Marathon finisher (approx. 11.10)
    5km evening start (16.00)
    City of Athens & AMA Farewell Reception at City Hall (20.00-22.00)
NOTE: * AIMS Business will consist of various reports from the Board to the Congress:
  • Progress report (Paco Borao)
  • Children’s Series report (Martha Morales)
  • Marathoneum report (Horst Milde)
  • Financial statement (Al Boka)
  • Website Report (Frank Baillie)
[as well as the voting for Board positions and the next Congress venue, see below]

Voting at 21st World Congress of AIMS

i)  Eligibility:
Members are reminded that according to the Articles of Association of AIMS only full members present can vote at Congress. The relevant article is:
5.1 Votes must be cast by the full member's race director or by a person who is a member of that race's official organisation. This must be authorised in writing on the official stationery of the race and signed by the race director.
This means that no member may vote on behalf of another member.
ii)  Procedure:
In the vote for the venue of the 22nd World Congress of AIMS each full member shall have one vote in each ballot and the balloting shall continue until one candidate has a simple majority. The candidate receiving the lowest number of votes in each ballot shall be eliminated from the next ballot.
In the vote for Board positions there will be separate ballots for Vice President and Board members. In both ballots all candidates will be listed on the ballot paper. For the Vice-Presidential election members cast ONE vote by ticking the box alongside the name of their preferred candidate. In the election for Board positions members cast THREE votes by ticking the box alongside the name of their THREE preferred candidates. Any ballot paper with ticks next to more than three names means that it is a spoiled ballot and will not count. The three candidates with the most ticks against their names fill the Board member positions.
Candidates for election should secure nomination from the race director of a full member of AIMS, and also a seconder who is the race director of another full member of AIMS. This can be done before Congress (by email to ) or in person on the first day of the Congress before the afternoon session. Candidates will be able to make a short introduction to Congress prior to the elections, and a short (150 words) written statement from them will be circulated citing credentials and reason for standing.

Runners' New Window on the World

AIMS has reached agreement with the innovative market leading Japanese company R-bies to become AIMS’ official ‘Registration Partner’. The agreement will allow AIMS members and millions of runners around the world to gain access to a new registration platform launched jointly by AIMS and R-bies.
For over 40 years R-bies has been providing an innovative range of services to enhance the running experience for both runners and race organisers.  Races have their own various ways of handling entries and while many have first class systems many appear in only one language making it a challenge to enter overseas races. The new registration platform will complement existing race registration methods and will seamlessly connect runners to races around the world in a multi-language platform. By joining together R-bies experience in registration with AIMS and their website (the home of world running — and AIMS members, this partnership will give added value to running events and runners around the world by creating a global window for runners to access races in over 100 countries and territories around the world. The registration platform is due to launch in early 2017.
By accessing the platform free of listing charges AIMS Members will be able to connect to runners from around the world, adding value to their race.
Runners will be able to use the registration platform to easily find and register for AIMS member races. As race registration process becomes simplified participants will approach international races in a whole new way.

Register of Doping Offenders

The US company Road Race Management maintains a listing of current and past road running and track and field athletes convicted of dope testing offences at:

The comprehensive online section on the RRM website ( contains separate lists of those currently serving suspensions (or who have announced their retirement from the sport) and a ‘historical’ list of those who have completed suspensions and are actively competing again.

The listings include athlete name, nationality, date of infraction, type of offence, start and ending date of the ban, a graph showing how much of the ban has been served, and notes regarding the specifics of the ban.

The status of groups of athletes can be checked with a single search by copying and pasting their entire elite athlete list into the search box.

IAAF Suspension of Russian Federation

IAAF state that: “In principle, ordinary fun runners with absolutely no ties to the Russian Federation are eligible to participate.”
But AIMS members should not negotiate the entry or participation of any Russian athletes or support personnel in their races. Further, it is be best to explicitly identify the participation of any ‘eligible’ Russian runners in advance of the race being held to avoid any misunderstanding with media outlets.

Changed Race Dates

Changes to the dates of member races are posted on the AIMS website as soon as notified. Those currently listed are:
  • The Longford Marathon (IRL) will take place on Sun 27 August 2017, not Thu 17 August 2017 as previously published.
  • The White Nights Marathon (RUS) will take place on Sun 9 July 2017, not Wed 19 July 2017 as previously published.
  • The OMV Petrom Bucharest Half Marathon (ROU) will take place on Sat 1 April 2017, not Sun 14 May 2017 as previously published.
  • The Taipei Standard Chartered Charity Marathon (TPE) will take place on Sun 12 February 2017, not Sun 22 January 2017 as previously published.
  • The Coca-Cola Wake Your Body Women’s Run (HUN) will take place on Sun 21 May 2017, not Sun 14 May 2017 as previously published.
  • The Semi-Marathon International de Nice (FRA) will take place on Sun 16 April 2017, not Sun 23 April 2017 as previously published.
  • The Econet Victoria Falls Marathon (ZIM) will take place on Sun 25 June 2017, not Sun 2 July 2017 as previously published.
  • The Wizz Air Kyiv City Marathon (BLR) will take place on Sun 9 October 2016, not Sun 18 September 2016 as previously published
  • The HAJ Hannover Marathon (GER) will take place on Sun 9 April 2017, not Sun 23 April 2017 as previously published.
  • The Maratón Powerade Monterrey (MEX) will take place on Sun 11 December 2016 (not Tue 13 December 2016 as previously published).
  • The Lake Balaton Supermarathon (HUN) will take place from 23–26 March 2017 (not 16–19 March 2017 as previously published).
  • The Great Hakka Marathon (CHN) will take place on Sat 26 November 2016 (not Sat 19 November 2016 as previously published).
  • The El Corte Inglés São Silvestre de Lisboa (POR) will take place on Sat 31 December 2016 (not Sat 17 December 2016 as previously published).
  • The Goa River Marathon (IND) will take place on Sun 11 December 2016 (not Mon 12 December 2016 as previously published).
  • The Airtel Delhi Half Marathon (IND) will take place on Sun 20 November 2016 (not Sun 27 November 2016 as previously published).

Clicking Away

Adventure marathons present more challenges than simply running the distance. Petra Desert Marathon is a boutique event for up to 250 people in and around the ancient city of Petra in Jordan (see race feature in Distance Running Edition 4 of 2016, now being distributed).  It’s a tough, hilly race with warm temperatures and very little shade.  The landscape consists of red, yellow, brown and golden-coloured mountains, the land of the Bedouins, where camels and goats are curious spectators. MarathonPhotos was there for the memories.

Email to book a photography team for your marathon.

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Distance Running

Distance Running
Edition 4 of 2016 (Oct-Dec 2016) is being distributed.

The editorial and advertising deadline for Edition 1 of 2017 is 9 December.

Send race reports and results to:

Send pictures to:
Gary Friar circulates member races with regular requests for information including
i) race dates
ii) contact details,
iii) advertising requests
iv) addresses at which to receive bulk deliveries of Distance Running.
& etc.
It is possible that these requests may be diverted into the member race organiser’s spam folder. Please be alert to this possibility and, if you are not receiving Gary’s messages, be pro-active in providing details and  making bookings for advertisements in Distance Running.

AIMS Newsletter 334, October 2016

Forthcoming AIMS Events

Week ending 30 Oct: 17 events
Week ending 06 Nov: 9 events
Week ending 13 Nov: 11 events
Week ending 20 Nov: 15 events
Week ending 27 Nov : 12 events
December 2016: 25 events

Race Expos Coming Up

30 Oct: Airtricity Dublin Marathon, IRL
30 Oct: Lausanne Marathon, SUI
30 Oct: Standard Chartered Nairobi Marathon, KEN
30 Oct: Niagara Falls International Marathon, CAN
30 Oct: Swiss City Marathon Lucerne, SUI
06 Nov: Porto Marathon, POR
13 Nov: Athens Marathon – The Authentic, GRE
13 Nov: Vodafone Istanbul Marathon, TUR
13 Nov: French Riviera Marathon Nice-Cannes, FRA
13 Nov: Ravenna City of Art Marathon, ITA
20 Nov: BDMS Bangkok Marathon, THA
20 Nov: Airtel Delhi Half Marathon, IND
20 Nov: Marathon Valencia Trinidad Alfonso, ESP
27 Nov: Penag Bridge Int’l Marathon, MAS
27 Nov: Serge Vigot La Richelle Int’l Marathon, FRA
04 Dec: Run Barbados Marathon, BAR
11 Dec: Goa River Marathon, IND
18 Dec: Pisa Marathon, ITA

IMPORTANT: When sending material to any of the above expos please ensure that it arrives during the week of the race, so that the host organisation can minimize the need for storage.

Dates to Avoid

The IAAF has fixed the dates of their forthcoming championship races as indicated below. Members are strongly urged to avoid scheduling their races on the dates listed:

26 March 2017

IAAF World Cross Country Championships, Kampala (UGA)

5-13 August 2017

IAAF World Championships in Athletics, London (GBR)

24 March 2018

IAAF World Half Marathon Championship, Valencia (ESP)


Greece: all time classic   Region of Attica, Athens
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AIMS Newsletter 334, October 2016

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