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Cyber Monday Edition

Our largest Cyber Monday ever!

Happy Holidays from Tindie HQ! Our 3rd Annual Cyber Monday begins on Monday, 12:01am PST!

30% off
Coupon 02971ED

PiScreen is a 3.5" TFT (480x320) with touchscreen control for the Raspberry Pi. Never need a monitor again!

50% off

Coupon 05282FE
Find the regulatory path to legally bring your product to market in the US (FCC), Europe (CE) and beyond…

$2 off - Lowest Price Ever!
Coupon 9D4B1F3

Digispark! The micro-sized, Arduino enabled, usb development board - cheap enough to leave in any project!

50% off
Coupon 00293A3
(20 remaining )

The Drawdio Plus uses the varying resistance of you, the pencil, and anything you touch to create musical tones!

15% off AtomSoftTech Store
Coupon 7F80547
15% off the AtomSoftTech Store - including handy parts like MicroSW, a small breadboard friendly button

25% off SweatPea Store
Coupon B688464

Including the SweetPea LeoFi, an Arduino Leonardo compatible board with an integrated Wifi module.

5% off Bobricius Store
Coupon 44CFF68

Including the Picoduino, an ATtiny85 based microcontroller development board similar to the Arduino

50% off 
Coupon 29D1235

(5 remaining)
CleanAMP is a 100W Class-AB low noise audio amplifier kit perfect for converting your favorite set of speakers into a Hi-Fi Stereo sound system.

25% off 
Coupon E8BC750

The USB Tester 2.0 will make it much easier to monitor any USB project’s power source.

25% off 
Coupon 3162501

(10 remaining)
ARPIE is minimal, compact, hackable MIDI arpeggiator + a free USB programmer while supplies last

10% off Part Fusion Store
Coupon 3404697

10% off everything in the Part Fusion store - with tons of wearables and beginner projects like the "I Can Solder" badge

10% off Crispytronics Store
Coupon 915BE5D

10% off everything in the Crispytronics store - with 2 Energy Harvester Breakouts - harvest energy from thermoelectric generators or small solar cells

10% off
Coupon D50AD4D

IN-13 Nixie room thermometer, where a glowing neon bar indicates the temperature, resembling retro thermometers.

10% off Rajbex Store
Coupon 3F3A209

10% off everything in the Rajbex store - including Easy Pulse, the easy DIY pulse sensor 

5% off + Free RTC Module
Coupon AFBCD20

Make a display that can show colorful patterns or animated GIFs on a bright 32x32-pixel RGB LED Matrix Panel 

15% off Hotchk155 MIDIs
Coupon A4C5AA4

15% MIDI projects including Le Strum - a unique MIDI control surface like a cross between a Stylophone & an Omnichord.

10% off Visgence Store
Coupon 320C690

10% the Visgence Store including parts like this basic Rj45 Breakout board in a DIP form factor for use with breadboards or protoboards

20% off Dragino Tech Store
Coupon 0D3F806

20% off the Dragino Tech Store - including this Yun Shield designed to solve the Internet connectivity and storage issue for Arduino Board

10% off
Coupon C84209D

The Groovesizer RED is a DIY 16-step sequencer and granular synth.

20% off Dillon1337's Store
Coupon 1CD42B9

20% of Dillon1337' Store - including this Homebrew Gameboy Cartridge

10% off Fyber Labs' Store

Coupon 101971C
10% off Fyber Labs' Store-  including this DRV2605 LRA/ERM Haptic Vibration Flex Module, a tiny breakout board for the DRV2605 Haptic Driver

10% off

Coupon A3FB749
60mm x 60mm Bi-color (RED GREEN) LED Matrix Driver Module DIY Kit

$2 off

Coupon 512B22C
Use original NES, SNES, N64, Genesis, and Atari gamepads with your favorite emulator.

30% off Femtocow Store

Coupon EED49F2
30% off Femtocow Store - including this set of 7 SMD tape holders designed and 3D printed by Femtocow.

$10 off

Coupon 8A5DC81
VIBRATO 60khz Ultrasonic Cleaner, with a 6 Quart Tank and Digital Timer/Thermostat !

50% off

Coupon A1C5E4C
(10 remaining)
Generates a stream of True Random Numbers for use in Simulations, Security, and Gaming

20% off Arachnid Labs' Store

Coupon 21A2FD3
20% off much of the Arachnid Labs' Store - including the successful Kickstarter, Re:Load Pro

15% off Geppetto Electronics

Coupon 92C9FC5
15% off all products in the Geppetto Electronics store!

50% off

Coupon 9DAF887
The whistled allows you to control one device by simply whistling two musical notes.

25% off Miker Store

Coupon 05FB875
25% off everything in the Miker Store - including tons of OLED displays

10% off Modtronics Store

Coupon D6C4468
10% off everything in the Montronics Store - including tons of RFM breakout boards

15% off Nootropic Store

Coupon E487B22
15% off everything in the Nootropic Store - including tons of Audio, Video & DJ hacker shields

15% off MakersBox Store

Coupon EE02C24
15% off the MakersBox Store - including the popular GeekHeart and other fun educational projects

15% off Jeff Murchison's Store

Coupon CYBER
15% off Jeff Murchison's Store - including the TinyLoadr AVR Programmer, a standalone AVR programmer with a built-in ZIF socket as well as 10-pin and 6-pin ICSP headers.

10% off LowVoltageLabs' Store

Coupon 6ECCAD3
10% off LowVoltageLabs' Store - including the Snowman decoration with orange LED nose and flashing RGB LEDs

33% off

Coupon DD13516
GAMBY is a build-it-yourself Arduino, GameBoy shield

15% off Bot Thoughts' Store

Coupon DA54D6C
15% off everything in the Bot Thoughts' Store - including this Turntable Strobe for checking a turntable's speed

15% off FriedCircuits' Store

Coupon D575D3B
15% off many things (not all) in the FriedCircuits' Store - including this LED Matrix 

10% off

Coupon 2DE50FA
3.2" LCD + Touch compatible with any MCU (Tiva, Arduino, PIC...)

5% off

Coupon B1FB4E0
It's an ARM Cortex-M0 with builtin Bluetooth with up to 30 I/O are available to use and control over Bluetooth. Source code provided.

25% off
Coupon 683FF3D

(2 remaining)
Atari Punkr is a stepped tone generator also known as an Atari Punk Console, which provides hours of noisy fun for everyone

100% off - just pay shipping!
Coupon 4718F19
(5 remaining )

The GMD Communications' DIO8-MCP22 provides 8 digital I/O ports for your PC via USB, each selectable for Input or Output

50% off - just pay shipping!
Coupon 90304FB

This easy-to-use, fully assembled Arduino shield lets your Arduino sketches access any old-style PC joystick with a 15-pin game port interface

25% off
Coupon 6F4B411

Affordable, fun & interactive kit that teaches you how to solder as well as writing code.

20% off
Coupon F45FA26

This is the simpliest version of the ATMEGA328 microcontroller @ 16Mhz For finished projects, prototyping, breadboarding

15% off
Coupon 172528B

A hub for up to 18 servomotors

15% off much of Dorji Store
Coupon 4DD3AEB

15% off much of the Dorji Store - including these High power ASK transmitter modules

12% off much of GZIP Store
Coupon 99DF128

12% off much of the GZIP Store - including this AVR ATtiny85 Development Board Kit
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