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November 21, 2013

Winners of the Fish 2.0 Finals

The finals of the Fish 2.0 competition were held last week at Stanford University and attended by over 150 investors, entrepreneurs, grant-makers and seafood experts.  11 semi-finalists and 10 finalists pitched their businesses to investors and judges at the finals event. The semi-finalists each gave a 90-second pitch competing for a $2,500 fast pitch prize chosen by audience vote.  The ten finalists each gave a ten-minute presentation with additional question and answer time with our panel of five experienced investor judges.

The competition was very tight as all the finalists presented plans demonstrating strong potential for profits as well as social and environmental impacts.  The winners of the events were as follows:
  • 1st prize of  $40,000:  Blue Sea Labs: Working at the intersection of seafood and logistics, Blue Sea Labs is using e-commerce and software to shorten the supply chain, while providing transparency throughout it.  By empowering direct transactions and distribution, they provide higher quality product to customers while enabling fishermen to catch less and earn more.
  • 2nd prize of $25,000:  Cryoocyte: Cryoocyte is developing a novel technology to cryopreserve fish eggs. Egg freezing will enable fish farms globally to become less spawning-dependent and produce year-round at full capacity. Cryoocyte also will create a genetic egg bank of critically endangered and wild species to preserve aquatic biodiversity. Finally, frozen eggs could be transported over greater distances than traditional wet methods of transporting fry or fingerlings, enabling centralization of the highly technical and capital-intensive aspects of fish breeding, and creating opportunities for many low cost, simple-to-operate hatching operations throughout the developing world
  • 3rd prize of $10,000:   Ho'oulu Pacific:  Ho‘oulu Pacific integrates aquaponic technology with distributed agriculture to manage a network of households to commercially grow fish and vegetables in Waimanalo, Hawaii. Native Hawaiians have the worst health profile of all American ethnicities due to a lack of physical and economic access to healthy food and nutrition. Ho'oulu Pacific empowers these families to grow their own food and provide opportunities for surplus produce to be sold back to the community. They are expanding existing operations to meet the growing demand for locally grown produce in Hawaii and throughout the Pacific.
  • Semifinalist winners:   Smartfish and Inland Shrimp Company (tied for the semifinalist prize):
    SmartFish is a social enterprise that incentivizes sustainability in artisanal fisheries of northwest Mexico. SmartFish partners exclusively with progressive fishermen’s cooperatives, empowering them to produce more sustainable seafood of the highest quality. 
    Inland Shrimp Company is a concept for an indoor shrimp farm that will use patented technology and a proprietary feed formula to naturally raise and sell saltwater shrimp year-round.

Short business descriptions for all of the 10 finalists and 11 semi-finalists can be found here, together with contact information for the businesses.
The event has generated press coverage for competitors, investors and the overall sector.  Please visit the News section of the Fish 2.0 website for the latest reports.

The Fish 2.0 Team is now entering a new planning phase.  We look forward to continuing to bring news and information to you over the upcoming months on progress in the sector and on new events that are in the making.

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