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Competition Update: 37 Innovative Seafood Companies to Pitch at Fish 2.0 Finals

Thirty-seven companies—winnowed from an initial pool of 170 entrants—will pitch to investors at the seafood business competition’s final event Nov. 10–11 at Stanford University. The group stands out for its business strength, geographic range, and diverse approaches to addressing seafood market opportunities and advancing sustainability.
  • Nearly two-thirds (23) of the companies are post-revenue ventures that can demonstrate a market for their products—and those products are on the leading edge of innovation in aquaculture, aquaponics, technology, wild capture products, traceability, and the supply chain.
  • The group is also notably international: only 17 businesses are based in the United States, including two that also have operations in Chile; six are in Canada; four are based in Latin America; five operate in the South Pacific; two are based in Europe; and three are in Southeast Asia.

Thank You to All Advisors and Online Judges

Over 120 seafood experts, sustainability experts, and investors generously offered their time and expertise to grow the sustainable seafood business sector. Their comments and strategic advice to each of the businesses participating in Fish 2.0 will help them to grow their ventures, incorporate and report on sustainability, and build effective partnerships.

List of Ventures Presenting at the Fish 2.0 Finals

  • Acadia Harvest, Maine (Land-Based Aquaculture)
  • Alaska Community Seafood Hub, Alaska (Wild Capture, Rights-Based Management)
  • Alfa Fishing, Vanuatu (Wild Capture, Supply Chain Innovation)
  • Blue Farms Hawaii, Hawaii (Aquaponics)
  • Bureo, California and Chile (Waste Reduction Innovation)
  • ENTOFOOD, Malaysia (Fish Feed)
  • Kampachi Farms, Mexico (Deep-Water Aquaculture)
  • Monterey Bay Fisheries Trust, California (Wild Capture, Rights-Based Management)
  • Pacific Ocean Culture, Fiji (Aquaculture)
  • PAFCO Fiji, Fiji (Supply Chain)
  • The RiverBox, Canada (Aquaculture Technology)
  • Salty Girl Seafood, California (Wild Capture, Supply Chain Innovation)
  • Sea Quest Group, Fiji (Wild Capture, Supply Chain Innovation)
  • SmartFish, Mexico (Wild Capture, Supply Chain Innovation)
  • Swiss Alpine Fish, Switzerland (Land-Based Aquaculture)
  • Target Marine Hatcheries, Canada (Aquaculture Technology)
  • Taste of BC Grown-on-Land Steelhead Salmon, Canada (Land-Based Aquaculture)
  • TimberFish Technologies, New York (Aquaculture Technology)
  • ARCAE, Costa Rica (Wild Capture, Supply Chain Innovation)
  • FairAgora Asia, Thailand (Traceability)
  • Fiji Crab, Fiji (Aquaculture)
  • Geomar, Chile (Wild Capture, Supply Chain Innovation)
  • Great Bear Scallops, Canada (Deep-Water Aquaculture)
  • Green Innovative Biotechnology, Thailand (Waste Reduction, Aquaculture Technology)
  • GrowUp Urban Farms, UK (Aquaponics)
  • Healthy Earth Cortez, Florida (Wild Capture, Waste Reduction)
  • Kuterra, Canada (Land-Based Aquaculture)
  • LoveWild Fish, Colorado (Wild Capture, Supply Chain Innovation)
  • New Mexico Shrimp Co, New Mexico (Land-Based Aquaculture)
  • Off the Hook Seafood Hub, Canada (Supply Chain Innovation, Traceability)
  • ORCA, Alaska (Waste Reduction)
  • Pelagic Data Systems, California (Traceability)
  • Quixotic Farming Sustainable Tilapia, Missouri (Land-Based Aquaculture)
  • Same Day Seafood, California (Wild Capture, Supply Chain Innovation)
  • Shellcatch, California and Chile (Traceability)
  • TRUfish, North Carolina (Traceability)
  • Village Fishmonger, New York (Wild Capture, Supply Chain Innovation).

Fish 2.0 Finals are coming up!

The Fish 2.0 Competition Finals and Sustainable Seafood Innovation Forum will be held at Stanford University on Nov. 10–11.
  • 18 Finalists will give 5-minute pitches and 19 runners-up will give 90-second pitches to a room of 300 seafood experts and investors interested in increasing sustainable seafood options globally.
  • Cash prizes will be awarded to the top two finalists in each track of the competition. Additionally, all competitors at the finals will be eligible for $150,000 in professional service awards and eight Open Door Prizes.<
  • Panels of experienced impact and traditional investors will determine the cash prize winners in each track. The judges include highly experienced experts in seafood lending, venture capital, private equity, impact investment, community development, and small business development.
  • The agenda is available on the Fish 2.0 Finals page
  • A list of judges will be posted on the website next week.
Since space is limited for the Fish 2.0 finals, registration is by invitation only. Priority is given to investors and others who have participated in the competition thus far.

More information is available on the Fish 2.0 website's Finals page. If you have received an invitation to attend the finals, please be sure to register using the link you were sent. 

If you would like to attend but have not received an invitation, please email us.

We look forward to seeing you there!

Fish 2.0 Market Reports

The Fish 2.0 team has published a series of market reports to help investors better understand the investment opportunities that exist in the fisheries and aquaculture sectors. Market reports are available on: Aquaculture, Fish Feed, Tuna, Aquaponics, Traceability, Shrimp Farming, and Rights-Based Management.

Download the report from the fish20website investor resources page

Fish 2.0 in the News

Fish 2.0 continues to be featured in a broad range of media. Here are recent highlights:
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