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New Fish 2.0 Market Reports

To help investors find and evaluate high-impact seafood opportunities, Fish 2.0 has created a series of investor updates on the most dynamic sectors. The first three cover aquaculture, fish feed and tuna and links to free downloads of reports are below.

Fish 2.0 Market Reports distill the latest research to provide a quick orientation to the featured sector, including top investment opportunities, market growth potential, challenges, sustainability factors and key technologies.


Aquaculture, also known as fish farming, is the fastest growing segment of the global agriculture industry (according to WWF Global). Currently valued at more than $144 billion, the aquaculture industry overtook wild catch in 2014 as the leading source of fish for consumption. Technology plays a large role in this thriving industry, and a land-based production method called Recirculating Aquaculture Systems (RAS) has the potential to revolutionize seafood production globally. Key report points include:
  • The aquaculture industry is expected to grow 38 percent over the next five years.
  • RAS technology unlocks an abundant source of fresh, healthy protein.
  • RAS have strong sustainability features. 
The aquaculture report is available here

Fish Feed

Algae Production by SabrTech, using Riverbox TM.The fish feed industry, valued at $100 billion, is at a pivotal juncture in its development. Overfishing and climate change are depleting feed input supplies while feed demand from the growing aquaculture industry is skyrocketing. Key report details include:
  • Feed is essential to the aquaculture industry’s growth, and major industry players are investing in R&D to determine the most valuable and sustainable alternatives to current ingredients.
  • Innovative technologies for growing alternative feed sources and extracting nutritional value are driving new solutions. 
The fish feed report is available here


Tuna is one of the top 5 most consumed seafood species globally. This $10 billion global industry industry is in transition due to increased production competition, technological innovation and changes in consumer demand. Key report points include:
  • Tuna’s sustainability story is complex.
  • Middle-class consumers in Australia, Latin America and the Middle East are eating more canned tuna.
  • Technology improvements could increase the quality and value of the tuna market.
The tuna report is available here
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