Hello <<First Name>>
Here's some new stuff that I want to show you.
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Hello <<First Name>>,

During the cultural Frank Festival in park Frankendael (Amsterdam) we created a chain reaction.
We invited people to take a seat in front of a black screen in a closed tent at the festival. After they had been seated, a photo of the person who had been sitting there before them appeared on the screen. A heavy flashlight followed, after which their own reaction to the other person appeared on the screen. They then left, and the screen turned black again, ready for the next person to enter the tent.
Lucky for us, no one was as scared (or "bang" in Dutch) as Bange Benny. Because Bange Benny is scared of everything. Name it and he will hate it.
Crossing a square, dumping his garbage or taking a shower is almost too scary for him, but he will not stop to do this stuff.
What a tough guy, that Benny. He will get there, I know it!
Have a nice day,
Oops, the picture will not load :(. See him at
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