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Bumper crop of GB selection
15 August 2021

Dear WKC

It's a bumper issue this week!  Junior member Holly A gives her boats-eye view of Nottingham Rocket K4s, and Kaye S reveals the final scores from Rounders in the Park plus race reports and photos from Tonbridge Marathon.  With the commencement of a full roster of race events (marathon and sprint) we wanted to share the club's race payments process. For those going to Nottingham to be part #TeamWey's bid to retain the MacGregor Paddle title, take at look a the Nottingham Survival Guide!

Thursday Club Night was a riot of excited chat, full stomachs and smiling faces.  We are always on the look out for chef and kitchen helpers to share their culinary favourites and now it's easy to sign up on TeamApp Events - Duty Roster.  Don't forget to sign up to TeamApp if you aren't one of the 230 members already signed up for all the latest news, events and team chats.

We are endlessly thankful to all the volunteers who help to support all these activities, we couldn't do it with you.   Shout out to Clive S, a new member, who has already cooked bacon butties and offered to help with boat repairs. Thank you! If you're interested in getting involved or have an interesting idea for a social, fundraising or paddling adventure please do not hesitate to contact us.

All contributions to the newsletter are appreciated. Keep your photos and stories coming to

Other news:
- GWC 400 Club winning number 
- Saturday afternoon paddle sessions

Enjoy the water!!

In this edition...


Rocking Rocket K4s at Nottingham
Join! Saturday afternoon sessions
Tonbridge Marathon Report
Sign up! to cook on Club night

Rounders round up
How to.. make race payments

River Closure - Early Notice!
Survival Nottingham
GWC 400 Club - winning number!

What’s on?

Rocking Rockets

Last Sunday, Joshie, Owen and  attended the rocket K4 day on a windy River Trent in Nottingham with lots of different clubs (including Wey, Norwich, Nottingham, Elmbridge and Leamington Spa).
The day began with some drills focused on the timings in the boat, getting used to the crews we were with and developing our teamwork skills. After some success at all paddling together, we had a few fun races before practicing wash hanging back to the club.

Once lunch had finished we were back on the water and started to do some more races against the other 8 boats, some which included catching a ball with your paddle as you raced past. A few near-crashes but everyone stayed dry! The day ended with some well-fought relays, before attempting to all raft up and take a picture together - some brave souls even stood up in the boats! For those that still had something left, there was the option of a swim before the long journeys home.

It was definitely worth the trip to learn new skills and meet new people – some of whom we hope to see at the MacGregor Paddle in September too. We headed home clutching an array of freebie water bottles and stickers, and hope to be back again next year. 
Holly A
Photos: Tim Scott (Norwich)

Can't make Saturday mornings?

Join the Saturday afternoon junior beginner and improvers session

Saturdays  2-4pm 

Contact Richard Perkins  to find out more and to sign up to attend

Tonbridge Marathon

Sixteen Wey paddlers to the Medway river last weekend, by far the biggest turn out of any club at the event.  Plenty of cheering and support on and off the way saw brilliant performances.  Highlights included Neil T a clear winner in Div 5, and promotions for both Danny S and Edward S.   Racing Rovers Helen W and Graham C where a fantastic 3rd and 4th respectively in Div 7.  Impressive paddling by all, congratulations.

Rounders Round Up


The sun shone brightly yesterday as the picnic rugs were laid out and the juniors started warming up. There was some spectacular catching (and falling over!) and impressive hitting and not just of the ball! The urge for the Dads to throw the bat down before they began running (a generation thing!?!) and the bats ‘leaving’ peoples hands caused a flying bat to make hefty contact with a fellow team player. After the initial gasps of breath from both teams laughter prevailed and I guess today there is a pretty impressive bruise! There was some question about the rules, could anyone remember them and how technical shall we get? One junior summed it up ‘let’s just play, the basic rules are good!’ Two full games were played with mixed teams from all sections of the club and players were rewarded with ice creams to finish the afternoon off. 

It was lovely to see some new members there and some friendships begin to blossom. 

Thank you to everyone who came to play and popped along for a chat. A BIG thank you to Greta and Nerys, our junior reps for helping to organise the afternoon.

Kaye Smith 


GWC 400 Club Draw

The August draw for the GWC 400 Club was made on 11 August by Peter Finch, a founder member of Wey KC and previous chairman of WKC and the GWC.  The winning No., for the £50 this month, was 36.

With the final installation of the changing room benching, we have now completed all the upgrades of GWC communial facilities.  The GWC Trustees wish to thanks all those who have played a part in this, in processing grants and helping with installation.  A great effort by many people. THANKS.

The 400 Club is an important part of the Centre's fund raising and will continue to supply cash for on going inprovements and Centre upkeep. We would ask all members and friends to consider joining.  It only costs £2.00 per month and at least 50% is paid out in prizes.

For the September draw there will be an addition £50 Bonus, so join up now.

To join, go to the Wey KC website or contact the Chairman at

The GWC Trustees

Thursday Club Night is Back!!

After Thursday evening training, join your fellow club members for a social catch up whilst enjoying a great value, home cooked 2 course meal. 

2 course meal (meat fee option available) £3.50
Bar open for drinks (soft and alcoholic)
Dinner served at 7:30pm (ish)
Payment by cash, contactless and chip & pin


Sign Up! Kitchen Volunteers

Club night, or Saturday bacon butties would not be possible without our amazing volunteers.  It is a great way to contribute back to the club, whilst getting to know more members (in a dry and warm setting!)  

If anyone (paddler or parent) would be willing to help in the club kitchens on either a Saturday morning 11am -1pm or Thursday evening please sign up via TeamApp (Events) - select a date and then press on the person icon (duty roster) and assign yourself to the main or puddling!    To find out more about what is required, pop us an email at or speak with Holly M or Lois L.


Survival Guide to... Nottingham Regatta
MacGregor Paddle Team

Entries are in and #TeamWey are ready to commence their McGregor Paddle Title retaining bid.  For those new to Nottingham and as a refresher for all we thought we'd give you a short survival guide.  

Racing fees
Each seat is £7 per race entered ( e.g k1 200m £7 covers, includes heat, semi's and finals).  You can make payment to the club race account, using your '[your name] NOTTS' as reference - see separate article below on "How to...make race payments", noting the special treatment of crew boats at MacGregor.

Location & Travel
The National Watersports Centre (Holmepierrepont), is a couple of miles out of Nottingham town centre.  It's a purpose built rowing lake just over 2000m long and a couple of metres deep in the middle, set in landscaped grounds.  Most people drive (Sat Nav NG12 2LU), some on Friday, others get up early on Saturday morning, journey time is 2.5hrs from the club with no traffic.  If you are stuck for a lift, there are often free seats in cars and empty roof racks, just speak with your coach to point you in the right direction. At the venue follow signs for "British Canoeing" to go in the correct entrance.  There is plenty of parking, costing £5 per day, payable on entry (cash and contactless).  Aim to park on the grass close to the Wey Base Camp (see below). 

There are plenty of budget friendly hotels, B&Bs and campsites in the area, including at the centre itself, however booking early is highly recommended to secure a low price and proximity.  Remember that if you have boats on your car roof you will need open parking (v-bars don't fit in multi-storey car parks).

K2 sign up and transportation
There is a sign up sheet for k2s in the club hallway, with the coaches checking who will be using which boats in the week before to avoid usage clashes - as it is highly likely you will be sharing the boat with another crew over the weekend.  
Boats are transported by individuals on their roof racks, using v-bars (there are various on the market, but the favoured variety tends to be the Lawler V-bars available from Ultimate Kayak).  People normally end up having 2-3 pairs, so you can transport a k1, k2 and a friend!  Who is taking which club boats (k2) on their car is normally finalised at the Thursday club night preceeding the race and strapped to the cars there and then using bungees, tie down straps and electrical tape. Remember to remove bouncy bags and anything that is likely to fly out of the boat at 70mph on the M1. Boat bags or cockpit covers are great at reducing wind noise, drag and damage to the boats.

Wey Base Camp
Base Camp is home away from home for Wey athletes and supporters alike.  Positioned just to your right as you drive in, it is strategically positioned so we can cheer our athletes on for the final 100m. Under the cover of our yellow tents, there is a food sharing table (see more below), comfy chairs and always to keep you company.  Bring a chair or picnic mat and join in the fun.

The centre (when open) has a cafe (basic and poor service), but there are normally some pop up coffee units on the terrace.  Most people stock up on goodies on their way up (sandwiches, drinks etc).  There is food sharing table at Wey Base Camp, where you can contribute, fruit, cake  breakfast or lunch items for everyone to nibble on during the day.  For this event Michelle Hayman-Joyce will be parent liaison and coordinating the food table, and Cat Allan has kindly offered to fire up her BBQ, please contact Michelle for coordinating other items required.  Please bring your own cutely and plates etc. Due to covid restrictions, there will not be the usual Saturday evening group meal, but there are plenty of restaurants to choose from in and around Nottingham before you get an early night in preparation for Sunday racing!  
Kit & Private boats
Club racing tops are mandatory - get yours now from Cat Allan on to ensure you have one in good time.  Bring plenty of changes of kit and towels, you want to stay warm and dry. Also pack sunscreen and sun hats - the weather can be anything from gale force to heatwave in a weekend, be prepared! Spray decks are popular though not essential. Crocs/sliders are essential. Bikes/scooters are great for following the races from start to finish.

Boats need to be sprint racing weight - 12kg minimum.  There are selected boat weight checks at the end of all races, so get your boat checked before you race or first thing each morning - rolled lead/ stones and duct tape are popular methods. Boat buoyancy is also required - whether permanent or an inflatable bag.

There are normally a couple of the kayak stalls, such as Icon and Marsport, so if you forget anything you can treat yourself to something new!

In normal times there are toilets and showers available in the Centre and free to use, however in Covid times these have been shut, so be prepared to shower at the hotel/home and use the temporary toilets along the course.

The detailed event timetable is available about a week before the race and you can search for your race time, race number and all important lane number.  There maybe changes on the day - so double check the master list which will be held by the sprint team lead (Pete Gorman).  Any changes, scratching from races, or racing appeals need to go through the team lead.

Number boards to match your lane number (1 to 9) are in a wooden box held at BaseCamp, which you will need to attach to your boat in advance of the race (so you may need a pin or tape). It is a great help if parents can help coaches ensure their paddlers are ready for their race starts by keeping an eye on the race timetable.  Starts are from pneumatic buckets that drop when they call go.  Bucket practice is available about 45 mins before the first race of each day and sometimes on the Friday afternoon before the event. There is always a safety boat on the water - but most people can swim to the side.  

Most importantly, there is always a friendly face to ask and fun is the priority!

How to ... Make Race Payments

With the commencement of a full roster of race events we wanted to clarify the normal procedure regarding race payments.

To make life easier for the event organisers of the Sprint Regattas, regional Halsar Marathons and National Marathons we make a 'club entry' and associated payment.  We then seek reimbursement from you - with payment made to

Race Account (40-36-16, 71526448).  
Ref: '[your name] [event]'

There are 2 exceptions, where no reimbursement is sought;
  • Haslar Finals, and
  • Crew boats (k2 and k4) at the MacGregor Paddle 
Our rationale for making these payments is to thank those who have regularly participated for the club. Clearly this year is a bit different, no Haslar Final and hardly any marathons (bar the National). There have been a number of sprint regattas so, we will pay for Crew Boats at the MacGregor as per normal and resume our usual practice next year. A reminder to those who have not paid for the July Regatta and the National Marathons – please pay up!”

Dave Halliwell - Club Treasurer

River Closure - Early Notice!

As we move into winter, the National Trust and GBC will be using the quieter season to complete some work on the river and bridges. We have already had notice of the following closures for you to take note of:

- Monday 20th to Friday 24th September between Millmead Lock and Dapdune Wharf (town section)
- Monday 25th to Friday 29th October between Millmead Lock and Dapdune Wharf (town section) 

What's On....

As always lots going in and around the club in the next month - for events further out check out TeamApp Events

w/b Monday 22nd August
9:00 - 16:00 Summer Paddlesport Camps - restricted access to changing rooms for limited periods 
30th August
Falcon (Oxford) Canoe Club Marathon - out of region marathon, well attended.  First Haslar of the 201/21 season.  Direct entries only.
3rd-4th September
National Sprint Regatta, Nottingham - MaGgregor Paddle Inter-Club Competition
12th September
Pangbourne Hasler, Pangbourne (Southern Region)
18th September
Junior Development Squad @ Wey: Racing Skills Day - more details to follow
25th September
Floating Pennywort Action Day - taking the fight to the river!
26th September
Waterside B: 



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