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Wey claims 2nd Place at the MacGregor Paddle
12 September 2021

Dear WKC

After a busy summer, the return to school does not mean there has been any less activity down the club and around the country for Wey KC members. In this edition, we reflect on the recent Macgregor Paddle at Nottingham and the Andrew Bonham C4 Memorial Race. We also congratulate Honor L, who has recently returned home after her international debut in the World Canoe Sprint Junior and U23 Championships in Portugal.

Throughout summer, you will have noticed us running regular summer paddlesport courses, thank you to the support of Surrey Hills and Rivers. A write-up about the junior's adventures is also below. 

It was lovely to see the sun again yesterday for our Junior Fun regatta and well done to all the juniors who raced. We will have a short report all it next week. If you took any photos or videos of the day, we would love to see them in our email inbox below.

As we move towards winter, we are going to racing a little less so we will be looking for different stories focusing on club based activity, whether it is an interesting training session or group paddle or a historical memory of the club. 

All contributions to the newsletter are appreciated. Keep your photos and stories coming to

Enjoy the water and daylight while it lasts!!

In this edition...


MacGregor Paddle at Nottingham
The Andrew Bonham C4 Memorial Race
Honor's Adventures at the World Canoe Sprint Junior Championships
Summer Paddlesport Courses Write-up

Help out! on Club nights
Sign Up! Floating pennywort clear up day
River Closure - Early Notice!

What’s on?

The MacGregor Paddle Results

On an autumnal Saturday morning, many Wey members gathered in Nottingham for the first club MacGregor Paddles in two years. Wey won the title two years ago and it was exciting to see so many members coming up to race for the first time.   

Thankfully the wind had settled down overnight and the conditions were looking a lot more favourable as our Boys D K2's got on the water for their 1000m heats. Saturday is normally the busiest day for many with 200m and 1000m races taking place, and this year no exception. Wey members competed in 53 heats and even more finals! 

Off the water, the atmosphere at the Wey camp was excellent, particularly helped by Michele H-J's organisation of the food table and Steve A's awesome BBQ that kept our paddlers, parents and coaches well fed! Thank to all involved in sorting food! 

On Sunday, we were gifted by summer, once again. The club points race was getting particularly close and we spent the day fighting for 2nd place against Chelmsford, Nottingham and Reading. At one point, we dropped all the way down the 5th! As more 500m finals started to happen, including the K4's, our results started to help us open up a gap and secure a brilliant 2nd place behind Richmond. 

Some of the key performances that help us secure the 2nd place were:
  • Tom H - 2nd in the Mens B K1 200m and 1st in the Mens B K1 500m
  • Dave M - 2nd in the Masters B K1 200m and 1st in the Masters B K1 500m
  • Dave B and Donal M - 2nd in the Masters C/D K2 500m
  • Dave B, Alex C, Pete G and Donal M - 1st in the Masters C/D K4 200m
  • Donal M - 2nd in the Masters D K1 200m and K1 500m
  • Alex C - 3rd in the Masters D K1 500m
  • Sam M and Sophie T - 2nd (1st club boat!) in the Women's A/B K2 200m and K2 500m
  • Abi B, Nerys H, Sam M and Sophie T - 1st in the Women's A/B K4 500m
  • Dan P - 3rd in the Boys A/B K1 1000m and K1 500m
  • Patrick A and Sam B - 2nd in the Boys D K2 200m
  • Will R - 2nd in the Boys Intermediate K1 500m 
  • Lucas C - 3rd in the Boys Intermediate K1 500m
  • Ben F - 4th in the Boys Intermediate K1 500m
  • Greta R - 3rd in the Girls A/B K1 200m and 1st in the K1 500m (by over 3 seconds!!)
  • Greta R and Nerys H - 1st in the Girls A/B K2 200m and 500m
  • Greta R, Nerys H, Hannah G and Joshie A - 3rd (but 1st club boat!!) in the Girls A/B K4 500m
  • Special Mention: Hannah G - 1st in the Girls C/D K2 1000m with K2 partner Sienna from Chelmsford
  • Holly A and Chloe R - 2nd in the Girls D K2 200m 
  • Holly A, Kiera C, Chloe R and Izzy R - 2nd in the Girls D K4 500m

Well done to everyone that raced as you were all part of the effort to take home this amazing second place. Big shout out to those who had their first regatta (Joshie A, Cam A, Chloe R, Izzy R, Holly A, Owen A, Callum C, Danny S, Ben F, Lucas C, Will R, Ed S, Dave C). A special mention also goes to our "star paddler of the regatta" Joshie A, who at her first regatta competed in the Lightning K1 500m as well as jumping into the Girls A/B K4 and the Andrew Bonham C4 memorial race too. 

The MacGregor paddle is very much a team effort and the element of team spirit makes it such a fun regatta to be involved with. Every single person who comes up to Nottingham plays their part and contributes in some way to the amazing results listed above. 

A big thank you also needs to go to Pete G who spent hours (and days!) registering paddlers, putting in the entries and checking that they were in the system. 


As we look forward to the start of winter, it is worth considering if you wish to join us for the next season of sprint regatta. Speak to your group lead about what you need to do to qualify and get involved. We look forward to seeing more new sprinters at the next one! Who knows, we might win back the 1st place!!
Andrew Bonham C4 Memorial Race

Andy Bonham was a C1 paddler from Wey Kayak Club. He joined the club in 2005 Initially as a kayaker under the guidance of Mark Hoile As part of the talent ID programme. He soon found a passion for canoeing and joined forces with Joe Seaman. He was a great role model to the younger paddlers in the club. He moved to Nottingham for uni and soon became  a part of the C1 fast track as a much loved friend and teammate. He was always smiling and enjoyed early mornings. He could always be relied upon to finish all the food on the Wey table at the end of regatta weekend.

It is wonderful to celebrate Andy at this event as he was so widely liked and respected within the canoe community and much missed.

This year we didn't have any club canoe paddlers at Nottingham but everyone was keen that Wey were represented in Andy’s memorial race.  So on Saturday afternoon there was a flurry of activity asking for help where ever we could.  our current position was:   no knee blocks, no paddles and only one paddler with canoe experience (Andras).

As a testament to what a lovely guy Andy was, everyone was keen to help.  Richmond Canoe Club agreed to do a ‘practice run’ with a bit of coaching thrown in on the Saturday afternoon.  They also offered to loan all our paddlers knee blocks.  We then needed to find paddlers!  Patrick Allen and David Hayman-Joyce were very keen and so was Nerys Hall - however with the Olympics hope just round the corner Nery’s was quickly withdrawn. Jordan Martyn didn't take any persuasion so we were content that we had our boat with our ‘expert canoeist’ Andras driving the boat. We then roped in a canoeist from Fladbury to do a bit of coaching alongside the Richmond coaches and begged and borrowed paddles from the performance department. Andras realised he had a race clash but Lauren was persuaded to pick up the challenge!!

The training/practice was interesting and ended with Lauren and David swimming. As a result, on Sunday morning, Joshie A was drafted in as a replacement for Lauren.

David and Patrick both had races just before the C4 which left Jordan and Joshie (sat in the front)  to paddle the C4 up to the start line where David and Patrick were due to meet them.  Once again Richmond came to our rescue and one of their paddlers jumped in the boat and delivered it to the start line. 

We anxiously waited for our paddlers to make it to the start line and were thrilled that they actually managed to get the boat into the buckets.  The bets were on regarding how far down the course they could make it and once they reached the ‘Wey area’ the team actually started to pick up a bit of speed.  

Exceeding all expectations the boat passed the finish line!  In a very respectable 3.25.21. A fantastic tribute to a much missed young Man with all the canoeing community who were at Nottingham for the weekend coming together to make sure Wey had a boat in the race.


We finished the day sharing cake with Richmond and Fladbury paddlers and throughout the weekend many memories were shared not only Andy but also Luke Lipscombe (our 4th C4 paddler) who sadly passed away this year. 

Michele H-J
Honor makes waves at her International Debut!

While a lot of the club were up racing in Nottingham last weekend, one of our junior members was experiencing the international racing scene for the first time at the World Junior & U23 Canoe Sprint Championships. 

Honor was taking to the water in the Junior Women K4 500m with Amy G (Worcester), Becky P (Addlestone) and Grace A (Norwich). In the heats, they did not get the start they wanted but came into the finish line in 5th place and through to the semi-finals. After a re-group, they got the start they wanted and got to the finish in a time of 1:56:76 and in 6th place. A great experience and successful debut. Well done Honor!
Successful Summer of Paddlesport Course!

The Summer Paddle Camps at the Wey Kayak Club drew to a close after 6 weeks this Friday.  Run by Surrey Hills and Rivers Limited, approximately 160 children spent a typical 5 consecutive mornings or afternoons on (and in!) the river using a variety of craft, including some they built themselves!  Enormously positive feedback from all the parents and children has been extremely rewarding for everyone involved. 

Other highlights for Surrey Hills and Rivers and for the Club has been the ability of the camp to employ and remunerate some of the club’s most committed coaches and some of its most committed and accomplished junior paddlers.  In addition to this, the camp has made an important contribution to the Club finances and sparked an enthusiasm to join the Club amongst a number of the participants. 

Whilst the camp provided a broader programme of paddling than is the focus of the Club, it is hoped that it has provided the best possible environment to attract new members – at least amongst those children not already fully committed to other sports outside of the holidays.  With a focus on fun, physical endeavour and consideration for their peers and other river users, the camp has provided potential new members with a positive introduction to several Club coaches and junior paddlers, has given more confidence around water to some, has facilitated new friendships and has brought participants up to the requisite K1 beginner group standard.

This afternoon I broke from this write-up to follow some of the Club’s aforementioned junior paddlers at the Olympic Hopes event in the Czech Republic, on YouTube.  I won’t embarrass them by naming those paddlers (I guess there’s going to be another entry in the Newsletter about that), but anyway - what a Club and sport to be a part of indeed!  Suffice to say I need to break off again in a minute to watch the final they just reached…

I want to personally thank the Club for its vision for the camp and to thank everyone that joined the team for all they did to make it a special and positive developmental experience for all the children that attended.  Thanks also to Liam H for a celebrity appearance that neither of us was aware he was making (thanks Paul D!).  And finally, thanks to any members who came to paddle while we were there, for bearing with us and for being able to get on the water in spite of the waves from the improvised rafts etc…

Ben Webb 



Sign Up! Kitchen Volunteers

...or there won't be any dinner!

Club night, or Saturday bacon butties would not be possible without our amazing volunteers.  It is a great way to contribute back to the club, whilst getting to know more members (in a dry and warm setting!).  We have volunteers for the next two weeks - if no one comes forward there will be no dinner! Even some of our juniors got involved this week, producing a lovely Thai green curry and cheesecake!

If anyone (paddler or parent) would be willing to help in the club kitchens on either a Saturday morning 11am -1pm or Thursday evening please sign up via TeamApp -go to Event - select a date and then press on the person icon (duty roster) and assign yourself to the main or pudding!    To find out more, or sign up if you are not yet on Team App, pop us an email at

Register your attendance by 17th September by emailing

Or speak to Pippa R down the club for more information!

Can't make Saturday mornings?

Join the Saturday afternoon junior beginner and improvers session

Saturdays  2-4pm 

Contact Richard Perkins  to find out more and to sign up to attend

River Closure - Early Notice!

As we move into winter, the National Trust and GBC will be using the quieter season to complete some work on the river and bridges. We have already had notice of the following closures for you to take note of:

- Monday 20th to Friday 24th September between Millmead Lock and Dapdune Wharf (town section)
- Monday 25th to Friday 29th October between Millmead Lock and Dapdune Wharf (town section) 

What's On....

As always lots going in and around the club in the next month - for events further out check out TeamApp Events

18th September
Junior Development Squad @ Wey: Racing Skills Day - see details below
19th September
Tour de Arun - Club Paddle - see details below
25th September
Floating Pennywort Action Day - taking the fight to the river!
25th September
Young Members of WKC Pub trip - speak to Holly M at to register interest
26th September
Summer Waterside Newbury to Aldermaston and return, 120 Crew limit with a focus on juniors.
1st October
Plastic Boat Pool Sessions start - information to follow next week
3rd October
Elmbridge Hasler - start of the 2021/22 hasler racing season

Junior Development Squad @ Wey

Gentle reminder that this will be happening on Saturday at the club house. We will have more paddlers on the water and people around the club. For this reason, we ask that all club members paddle upstream from the club to avoid the 60 + juniors and coaches heading downstream. 
We look forward to hosting this day and to give our own juniors and coaches a chance to interact and train with other clubs.

Tour de Arun - Club Paddle

Speak to your Group Lead or Pete Gorman if you have any questions.

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