Transforming the Collection of Student Information (TCSI) December 2019

TCSI is live!

Welcome to the Transforming Collection of Student Information December newsletter.

First of all, we are excited to announce that TCSI Release 1 is officially live! The release of the B2G APIs, TCSI Data Entry and PRODA linking capability successfully went into production over the weekend.

What you can do now

Complete your PRODA set-up

If you have completed Phases 1 and 2 of PRODA, you are now able to commence PRODA Phase 3.

PRODA Phase 3 allows you to link your organisation to TCSI through PRODA and if using an SMS, activate your Software Instance/B2B Device. The document for Phase 3 can be found on the HEIMSHELP website under:


If you experience any issues with the linking process, you can contact PRODA Support at:

If you have any TCSI specific questions, please email

View, match and verify your data in “read-only” mode

After you have completed PRODA Phase 3, you will have access to TCSI in “read only” mode. This means you can view but not submit new records or revise existing records in TCSI. Data can still be entered or updated through HEPCAT as required.

You can match and reconcile the data you have against the data migrated to TCSI in one of the following ways:

  1. Directly through TCSI: If your SMS developer has built capability for this, you can perform the matching and verification through your SMS. Talk to your SMS developer for more information on how this might work for you.
  2. Through TCSI Data Entry: If your data set is small and you will be entirely relying on TCSI Data Entry for reporting, you can view your migrated data through TCSI Data Entry. Please note however that you can only view one record at a time with this method.
  3. A one off extract of your historical data: Request this by emailing

Upcoming webinar

We will be conducting a webinar on DHS usage of data elements at 2pm AEDT on
18 December 2020.

Please register here.

Provider journey map and checklist

The Provider Checklist and Provider Journey Map presented during the roadshows are now available on the HEIMSHELP website.

Any questions?

If you have any questions, the TCSI Service Hub is here to help and can be contacted on
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