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The Breast Cancer Prevention Global Virtual Conference in May was amazingly educational and inspiring! 

As with the last couple e-newsletters, we will continue to share some key points from the interviews as well as the websites of these experts...because knowledge really is power!  Below is a few more summaries of key points from the conference:
Bryce Wylde, BCs, DHMHS, Homeopath
  • We are focused on the wrong thing, the “elusive cure” of breast cancer (treating it once it’s happened), whereas we should be focused on what we can do to prevent it. 
Preventative measures include:
  • Nutraceuticals (health through food and supplementation such as I3C)
  • Antioxidants (subdue free radicals)
  • Detox the body, then take out the ‘garbage’ with fiber and lymph drainage
De-stress with practices such as deep breathing, focused mindfulness (TIP… thinking lovingly about loved ones/pets for 10 minutes can calm the para-sympathetic nervous system for 4 hours!)
  • Build the immune system (the front line defence) with mushroom blends
  • Optimize melatonin and vitamin D (levels are testable)
  • Maintain a healthy gut with probiotics
  • More body muscle and less body fat reduce the risk of breast cancer (think Pilates and weights/resistance exercises)
  • Learn to manage fear and release bottled up negative emotions…they are also toxins in the cells
  • Acknowledge that we are all miracles and our bodies have amazing potential to exude the highest amount of health!

Dr. Douglas Cook, DDS

  • Author of book "Rescued by My Dentist"
  • Refers to Dr. Weston A Price and his work in the area of root canals
  • Metals in the mouth can affect health and the immune system and can cause energy disturbances
  • Studies are showing a correlation between breast cancer and infected teeth
  • There is a Medical-Dental disconnect. The Medical Doctor looks at everything but oral health and the Dentist looks only at oral health
  • Holistic or biological dentists are making  the connection between oral health and whole body health.  For more information, please see:

Left breast elevated risk along with possible dental pathology

Sayer Ji, Author, Researcher, Activist, Thought Leader

  • Cancer is a symptom…we don’t get sick because we have cancer, we have cancer because we’re sick.
  • Cancer is a process of adaptation, it is a response to conditions such as chemical exposure, nutritional deficiency, and a low oxygen environment. 
  • The screening industry has lead us to believe that mammography as early detection is prevention.  It is actually late detection because it is already at the point of needing treatment.
  • True prevention is removing the cause
  • There are recommendations that ductal carcinoma in-situ (DCIS) be reclassified as a benign or indolent growth
  • Epigenetics is the study of keys such as lifestyle, nutrition, radiation exposure and toxicants that turn genes like the BRCA1 and BRCA2 on and off.
  • Get a baseline thermal assessment, clinical and self exam and take control of monitoring your breast health
  • Vitamin C, broccoli (sulphoraphane), turmeric are all breast protective
  • Antiperspirants are toxicans, alien to the body…sweating helps to detoxify the body.
  • Information is powerful, making positive changes is possible, outcomes can be changed!
Upcoming Thermography Clinics

Niverville, MB - September 25
Steinbach, MB - September 26
Courtenay - October 12
Duncan - October 21
Powell River - November 1 and 2
Gibsons - November 3
Nanaimo - November 18
Sherwood Park AB - December 2 and 3

More dates and locations....TBA!

The Thermography Clinic's Dr. Mostovoy has a new book out described as the "most comprehensive and practical guide to breast cancer prevention". 

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