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​This month the focus of our breast health new years resolution is.....self-love!
Making Practical Lifestyle Changes
Practical lifestyle changes can increase your vital energy and prevent energy from becoming stagnant.  Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) includes the health the body, mind, and spirit as being whole rather than individual pieces.  

Emotions and our coping mechanism influence our health.  The root of breast cancer is and has been negative emotions, according to TCM practitioners, who also view breast cancer as a negative energy condition.  When we experience stress or are angry, the body’s energy changes frequency to one that is hospital to diseases such as cancer.  By letting go of stress and negative emotions, the body’s energy frequency can change for the better. 

Taking care of emotional health can be the most effective breast cancer prevention technique. 

Beliefs can also assist in achieving optimum health – what we believe in can dictate emotions and thoughts which both have powerful energy.  If the energy cannot flow freely, it can create masses, tumors, and breast cancer as well as other physical symptoms. 
The three major organs associated with breast health in TCM are the liver, stomach, and kidney. 
  • Liver – keeps your life force and blood moving.  The stagnation of energy can cause the tumors and masses.
  • Stomach – is closely tied to the liver, which is responsible for regulating the flow of the life force and helps to support the function of the stomach.
  • Kidney – is the organ responsible for generating the life force and stores inherited energy.
Practical lifestyle shifts to make today include:
  • Stop worrying
  • Recognize that life is a mystery
  • Eat for energy
  • Practice Wu Ming Qigong movements to increase the life force
Adapted from Traditional Chinese Medicine World Foundation.  For the complete article, please click here.
Upcoming Mobile Thermography Clinics on
Vancouver Island & the West Coast

Duncan - March 7
Courtenay (date TBD)
Manitoba - March (dates & locations TBD)
Campbell River - March 15
Port Alberni - April 4
Nanaimo - April 15
Powell River - May (date TBD)
Gibsons - May (date TBD)

Appointments spots fill up fast so call us today to book your appointment 250-947-5424
We will be making a trip to Manitoba to conduct thermography appointments in March.   

If you have friends or family in the area of Brandon, Winnipeg,  Niverville, or Seinbach who may be interested, please have them call us at 250-947-5424 to book an appointment.  
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