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The Connection between Sleep and Breast Cancer

Did you know your risk for breast cancer increases with lack of sleep? 

Scientific evidence points to a connection between the development of breast cancer and circadian rhythm.  Studies have shown higher rates of breast cancer in women who work night-shifts.  Some scientists have labelled the disruption of circadian rhythms a carcinogen.  

Exposure to light at night disrupts melatonin production - an important hormone that plays a role in cancer prevention.   Melatonin has many other roles:
  • it regulates other hormones
  • acts as an immune modulator
  • assists with estrogen metabolism. 
People with lower levels of Melatonin are at a higher risk of developing hormone-related cancers.  Sleep is vital to life!  

Adapted from Dr. Alexander Mostovoy’s blog, June 30, 2014.  

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Additional information on the connection between sleep patterns and breast cancer can be found on the Breast Cancer Conquerer website.  
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