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Stress, Thoughts and Illness...

"Disease is the body's inability to deal with mental, emotional and physical stress"  - Dr. Hans Selye

Your body is put in a fight or flight response by your autonomic nervous system (ANS) when you are stressed.  There are two important components of the ANS – the sympathetic and para-sympathetic systems. 

The sympathetic system is the “fight or flight” state.  Blood supply is redirected to major muscle groups to ensure the body is ready for the challenge (whatever it may be).  Other physical reactions may occur: shortening of breathing, dry mouth, a slowing of digestive processes, the faster heart-rate, contraction of bladder and bowels, and adrenaline levels will be released to the maximum.

The para-sympathetic system is the opposite of the sympathetic system.  In a relaxed state, breathing slows, heart rate slows, and saliva is secreted. 

As people become busier, rushed and stressed during daily life, they stay in the sympathetic state which effects their physical well-being: reducing the ability to digest or eliminate properly, increased inflammation caused by high adrenaline levels which turn food into fat, and hormone levels are not balanced.  Negative thoughts or anxiety can also have the same effect on the body. 

Relaxing activities need to be taken to stay in the para-sympathetic state – low stress!  Activities such as walking, meditating, listening to music or reading may lower stress levels.  Make the time to do relaxing activities this holiday season.  

Adapted from Dr. Alexander Mostovoy’s blog, October 22, 2014.  

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