My dear! Mr Bennet! Wonderful news!*
I have sold another book! It's also official official that Wintersong is now a YA title. I'm super stoked about this and I'm really excited to continue exploring the story and world of Wintersong. So much good news!

* Any time I have good news, I always think of the scene from the 1995 BBC miniseries of Pride & Prejudice (the one with Colin Firth) where Mrs Bennet bustles in after her husband to tell him that "Netherfield Park is let at last!"

Lexical Gap: Fremdschämen

And we return to German with this month's lexical gap. Some of us may be familiar with the concept of Schadenfreude (literally "harm-joy")*, or "taking pleasure in another's pain." It's opposite is Fremdschämen (literally "stranger-shame"), or "vicarious embarrassment." You know when someone makes an ass of themselves and you cringe for them? That's Fremdschämen, a feeling with which I am becoming intimately acquainted this U.S. election cycle.

* Thank you, Avenue Q.

In this issue:

1. LEXICAL GAP: Fremdschämen



Author Heidi Heilig made an outfit based on the cover of Wintersong! Isn't it amazing? I want every single thing here.


Last month I talked about turning in my copyedits (with additional edits made to the, ahem, adult scenes to make them more YA-appropriate).* Generally, the next step after copyedits is first pass pages, when a designer takes an author's words and turns them into text. The inside of a book is just as designed as the cover, and my editor asked me to contribute some artwork and part titles!

*As I've mentioned before, I will be offering the unedited sexy-times scenes to those who choose to opt-in here.

During Inktober last year, I made a few quick Wintersong-related doodles: one faux-Fraktur of my title and the other a portrait of Liesl.
I sent these images to my editor while we were throwing back and forth ideas for the cover and a few months later, she came back and asked if I would be interested in using this drawing of Liesl as a frontispiece as well as contributing some more hand lettered part titles for the interior.


My editor asked me to create some images for Overture, Part I, Intermezzo, Part II, Part III, and Part IV. I did them all one afternoon and sent them over. I had the most fun coming up with Roman numerals for the parts. Anyway, scroll down to see the final designs (as well as the prologue and the epigraphs for the parts)!
I'm pretty proud of the way these turned out and can't wait to see them in print! Speaking of, ARCs are usually generated from the first pass pages, so I should be seeing those soon-ish as well. o_O

Anyway! For a further sneak peak into the insides of Wintersong, I've decided to give y'all the chapter list. Am I not generous, my friends?


Part I: The Goblin Market
1. Beware the Goblin Men
2. Come Buy, Come Buy
3. She is for the Goblin King Now
4. Virtuoso
5. The Audition
6. The Tall, Elegant Stranger

7. The Ideal Imaginary
8. A Pretty Lie
9. The Ugly Truth
10. Sacrifice

Part II: The Goblin Ball
11. Fairy Lights
12. Eyes Open
13. The Games We've Played
14. The Bride
15. The Old Laws
16. Strange, Sweet
17. Pyrrhic Victory
18. Resurrection

Part III: The Goblin Queen
19. Consecration
20. The Wedding
21. Wedding Night
22. Prick and Bleed
23. Those Who Have Come Before
24. Come Out to Play
25. Changeling
26. Mercy
27. Romance in C Major

Part IV: The Goblin King
28. Death and the Maiden
29. Perchance to Dream
30. Unfinished Symphony
31. The Threshold
32. Zugzwang
33. Justice
34. Be, Thou, With Me
35. The Brave Maiden's Tale
36. The Mystery Sonatas
37. The Return
38. Immortal Beloved

To Franz Josef Johannes Gottlieb Vogler, care of Master Antonius
That's all for this month! There's more goodies to come, so I'm grateful for each and every one of you who have decided to come on this journey with me! As always, you can find me and ask me questions on Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook, or my blog!

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