PIM Newsletter - March 2021
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Hello <<First Name>>,

We’ve gone live with Console Cloud!

Great news for Console Cloud users who want to still use PIM or new users who would like a more customisable Inspection App. The integration is simple, easy to use and allows a really good flow of Inspection Information between the two applications. No intermediate steps, just a simple export to PIM and a submit to Console Cloud workflow.

If you need more flexibility in your inspection process, get in touch with us via we can discuss your requirements and set you up quickly.

Improvements to Chintaro Integration well on the way!

If you’re a Chintaro Cloud user, great news! The new integration between Chintaro (management software for Community Housing) and PIM will soon be available. Exchanging Inspection Data between the two programs is direct, simpler and will provide the added bonus of completed PDF Reports AND Data being uploaded back into the Chintaro database. Plus the new integration allows for one-click retrieval of your Inspections from Chintaro so no more uploading and then downloading files. This will save you time, is a more elegant, less clunky solution whilst enhancing and streamlining maintenance tasks. We’re the only Inspection App that integrates with Chintaro to this level and it’s a really excellent improvement!

The ALL NEW CAMERA is launched.

Check out the new Camera Interface for iPad and iPhone. The refreshed interface is more intuitive, includes added functions and easier on the eye. Watch this space for markup tools coming soon! 

All the best from the PIM Team

Console Cloud Integration is Now LIVE

Console Cloud users can sync their inspections from Console Cloud using a single click in PIM and then automatically push their reports back into Console Cloud. Find out more

All-New Camera in PIM

The revamped camera module is now available making it even easier to take single and multi-shot photos. Plus for those devices which support it, we have also added a quick access Torch Mode so you can peek inside dark areas whilst taking photos. How handy is that! Find out more

Plus coming soon with our new markup capability highlighting maintenance issues will be a breeze!
What's in the latest PIM?
  • Console Cloud improvements - Lease Agreement Name is now used instead of the Primary Tenant Name so that all names are visible in PIM and on reports. PIM will continue to show the Primary Tenant contact email, and phone, in case you need to call or contact them from the app!
  • Console Cloud improvements - Support for multiple Console Cloud portfolios in the PIM app.
  • Property Tree improvements - Updated the alert in PIM to better reflect when no scheduled Inspections are available in Property Tree.
  • Workflow improvements when performing repeats inspections for manually creating Inspections and those via Property Management Systems. If conducting a Repeat Inspection and the Inspection Type changes say from PCR -> Routine or Routine -> PCR PIM now correctly prevents the notes and quick check labels from being copied over.
  • Commercial Inspections - Fixed an issue where the icons or header may not reflect the type of inspection.
  • Fixed an issue where the Today button on the Date screens wasn't working on iPhones.
  • Fixed an issue where the date used for a photo added from the camera roll was not referenced and the current Date was used instead. The camera roll photos actual date is now used if available.
  • Other fixes behind the scenes to assist Support in identifying and resolving your issues faster!
  • UI Improvements - Refreshed the vertical bars used in the app.
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