NOVEMBER 2015 edition of The Domestic Church publication
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Thanksgiving dinner prayer

O Lord,

How full is this world of your unending creativity.
How astounding is creation in all its variety.
How breathtaking is new life, growth and transformation.
How wonderful is your provision for us your children!
This day, we celebrate your great goodness with thankful hearts and joyful lives.


Fostering Vocations in the Domestic Church (our home)

It is a challenge today to create a culture of vocation that will encourage and assist our youngest members to respond to God's call. As a parent, you can perform no higher undertaking than to be an example of the Catholic faith and to establish a culture of vocation in your home.

As a parent, you want what is best for your child, but you may not be sure of what to do if your son or daughter mentions the possibility of the priesthood or religious life. This section is for you! It offers answers to frequently asked questions (FAQs) and perspectives from other parents of young people discerning their call to a life of service in the Church.

It also includes prayers, links and downloads to encourage families to pray together for an increase of vocations to the priesthood and consecrated life. The purpose is to help families become more aware of the need for vocations and of the possibility that God may be calling a member of their family to serve the Church in this way.

The resources provided here are to help parents plant the seeds of religious vocation early and to keep them watered! Vocation discernment can be an integral part of the faith formation of children. Information is provided to help parents understand and support their child’s call.

USCCB Resources

"This is the day that the Lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad in it!"
- Psalm 118:24
"Families are the domestic Church, where Jesus grows; he grows in the love of spouses, he grows in the lives of children. That is why the enemy so often attacks the family. The devil does not want the family; he tries to destroy it, to make sure that there is no love there. Families are this domestic Church." - Pope Francis

Sneaky Camera Apps Parents Should Know About [1]

For many, the joys of friendship are often expressed in the photos they share on social apps such as Snapchat, Instagram, and WhatsApp. These types of photos -- the group shot from a day at the beach, a selfie at the DMV or the prom -- document lives and strengthen relationships. But as we all know, cell phone cameras can be misused, and a new crop of photo apps are being used to hide photos instead of share them. So-called secret-camera and hidden-photo-vault apps let you snap pictures or video without anyone knowing and stash them in secret folders.

Apps such as Stealth Cam, Private Ninja Cam, and Top Secret Camera can be used to spy on people. Here are some of the methods they use to deceive the unsuspecting:

  • blanking the screen so no one knows you're taking a picture
  • muting the phone so the shutter doesn't sound
  • disguising the preview window so it looks like a Web browser
  • activating the camera to record via motion sensor
    Hidden-photo vaults, such as Calculator%, Keep Safe Private Photo Vault, and Best Secret Folder, are places to keep photos out of view from a prying parent or friend. They share key features, including:
  • requiring a password for access
  • hiding their true purpose (Fake calculator apps actually do function as a calculator but double as a way to input a secret code and stash secret pictures.)
  • sounding an alarm or snapping a picture when accessed to catch anyone trying to break in
    Teens -- naturally seeking privacy and independence from adults -- could be tempted to experiment with these kinds of apps, such as the teen who was caught with an "upskirt" picture of his teacher. But they also might appeal to kids who don't have much to hide, so if you find a secret-camera app on your teen's phone, don't freak out immediately. 

    These tips can help you navigate the world of secret-camera apps:
  • Talk to your teens about using phones responsibly. Explain that you respect their privacy (if you don't, you could drive their activities underground).
  • Remind them that taking and/or sharing embarrassing or revealing pictures often comes back to haunt people, so resist the temptation.
  • Consider that kids might not be trying to hide photos from you but from nosy friends. If that's the case, try to find out why.
  • If you need to do a spot-check, on iPhones go into Settings -> Privacy -> Camera to see which apps have used the camera. This will reveal any camera apps disguised as something else.
  • Finally, consider that teens like to experiment with technology, and just because they have a secret-camera or hidden-photo-vault app, it doesn't mean they're up to no good.
Marriage Preparation Training Day
The Joy-Filled Marriage Program presents the two most necessary topics for couples preparing to marry—virtue-based life skills formation and Saint John Paul II's compelling vision for love and life known as, Theology of the Body.

There will be a ONE Day training for the Joy-Filled Marriage Program for Priests, Deacons, Pastoral Associates, Marriage Coordinators, Mentor Couples, Parents, and those who work with couples preparing for marriage at The Diocesan Pastoral Center on November 21, 2015.  This training will equip those who work with couples, and give the necessary formation to be ready to minister successfully to the engaged couples. 

Contact Socorro Truchan at (269) 903-0199 or via e-mail at for more information.

Are you a widower?
Join other widowed men for a time of fellowship and discussion...
DATE: Thursday, November 12, 2015
TIME: 4 to 5:30 pm
LOCATION: Diocesan Pastoral Center
215 N. Westnedge Ave., Kalamazoo

Questions? Please call Fr. Don Klingler at 269-254-8138 or Socorro at 269-903-0199 

September 15, 2015 - February 15, 2016

The Diocese of Kalamazoo in collaboration with the Knights of Columbus, invite students grades 4th—12th to submit original art, prose, poetry, musical compositions and videos; all reflecting the theme “The Merciful Family ”.

The work should display their God-given talents and convey how we live our call to be merciful within our families and in our communities.

We will accept works from students in Catholic schools, public schools and home schools (who attend faith-formation catechetical classes).
Following are the contest rules:

- Contest Criteria

- Contest Cover Sheet

- Contest Bilingual Flyer

Send in entries between September 15, 2015 and February 15, 2016 to be eligible for a number of great prizes.

Mail to: National Student Contest, Diocese of Kalamazoo, 215 N. Westnedge Avenue, Kalamazoo, MI 49007
Questions? write to Socorro at

The Domestic Church Newsletter SPANISH edition is now available! A wonderful resource for Spanish-speaking (reading) families. To subscribe please contact Socorro at 269-903-0199 or via e-mail

Joy Filled Marriage Weekends for the Engaged for 2016
 Joy-Filled Marriage - A marriage preparation weekend for engaged couples. The Joy-Filled Marriage is a comprehensive marriage preparation program rooted in virtues as well as the Theology of the Body. The program incorporates rich Catholic theology with sound psychology.

2016 Joy-Filled Marriage Weekend Dates - 2016:

January 16-17

March 12-13

May 14-15

July 16-17

September 24-25

November 12-13

PLEASE REGISTER EARLY in order to guarantee your place!

LOCATION: Transformations Retreat Center at 3427 Gull Road
Kalamazoo, MI 49048 (directions). To register for a weekend, please visit our website here: or contact Socorro at: via phone at: 269-903-0199
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