Our Renovations are in Full Swing!

Major changes are taking place at superfood eateries! Equipment has been partially delivered, our service area is going in...

Things are starting to look more like a restaurant, or is it a carpenter's workshop!

Here's a little peek of what has been going on!

We started last week like this....

Which then became this...

... and things progressed to...

...and we've got even further since these pictures, but no pictures yet. We are excited to share the updates with you as soon as we can resurface!

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Superfood Eateries is a Kick Ass Dream!

If you've been following us on facebook or twitter, you know that I was selected by the lovely Patricia Tomasi to tell the story of how I'm realizing my kick ass dream of opening a raw food restaurant, in the pilot episode of her brand new show, Kick Ass Dreams! I was so honoured to share superfood eateries with her!

Last Friday, Patricia, my daughters and I met up and filmed part one of the show. I was laughing at myself for being so nervous, but we had a great interview, where I hope I said the things I meant to say and didn't say anything I'll regret! Luciano, forgive me if my nerves took over and led me down a path of self destruction! Ha! But seriously, it was a lot of fun and Patricia, Rob and Rob were fantastic. We discussed how I got into raw food, why I'm passionate about it, how I joined forces with Luciano to realize superfood eateries, and how we'll be filling the gap to give customers the best food they'll never dream is the ultimate in healthy.

My daughters, Etelle and Leora also had a lot of fun in their TV debut. I assisted them while they made our delicious coconut crepes. Everyone enjoyed cleaning up the proof of that little segment. Delicioso!

Part two of filming will take place as soon as we open, and if you'd like to be on TV, we'd love to have you join us! Our opening day and filming is planned for April 8th, but we'll keep you posted!
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Recipe | Very Cherry Smoothie

There's no doubt that homemade smoothies are growing in popularity at an amazing speed. Just look at the availability of our favourite blender, The Vitamix* at mainstream stores like Costco.

Unlike their take out food counterparts, homemade smoothies are easy to make both delicious AND healthy! Forget the yogurt, concentrated fruit mixes, chemicals, and artificial sweeteners and enjoy this recipe for a smoothie that's cool and refreshing.


1 cup almond milk
1 1/2 frozen bananas
3/4 cup frozen cherries
1 stalk celery (optional, but a great way to inject some greens)
2 Tbs coconut cream 
1 medjool date
1/8 tsp vanilla powder or 1/4 tsp vanilla extract


Blend all ingredients in high-speed blender until smooth. If you don't have a high-speed blender, that's okay, you'll just want to make sure you chop up your ingredients into approximately 1" chunks to make it easier for your blender to get through.

*This is an affiliate link. If you click it and purchase through our link, you will receive $25 off the price of shipping of your machine and we will earn a small amount for the referral


Go for it! Just be sure to include this complete blurb with it:

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