14 January 2020 – #353: in other news
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I'm happy to announce we have an exclusive sponsor for the next 6 issues! Ed Freyfogle, organiser of London location-based service meetup #geomob and co-founder of the OpenCage Geocoder, has offered to introduce a series of points around the topic of geodata. His first entry starts a few paragraphs below on Geocoding.
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With my day job hat on, this is the last week that I have two job openings available in my team:
For now, these positions are open to existing civil servants only (because reasons), but please take a look and invite applications from anyone who's a data nerd, has personal initiative, and currently works in the wider Civil Service. 

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What is geocoding?

Geocoding is the process of translating between geographic coordinates (latitude, longitude) and human place descriptions (addresses, placenames, etc). Going from coordinates to placename is known as reverse geocoding, while placename or address to coordinates is known as forward geocoding.

Geocoding is different than, but often confused with, IP-to-location (mapping an IP address to location) and geosearch (mapping free text queries to location). The proliferation of smart phones and tracking devices means more geodata is being created than ever before, and geocoding is often a first step in processing that data. In this series we'll look at some of the challenges around geocoding, some common difficulties, and points to consider.

At OpenCage we run a highly available, simple to use, worldwide, geocoding API based on open datasets like OpenStreetMap. We offer a generous free trial so you can test thoroughly, and we have SDKs for over 20 programming languages. Please give us a try if you have any geocoding needs.

Visualizing the Geography of FM Radio
Erin Davies has done something brilliant with simple data again, showing maps of FM Radio coverage in the US that give quite a bit of insight.
"One insight that has eluded me, though, is why Utah is so darn strange when it comes to broadcasting. It has many more radio and TV stations than other states, and they’re distributed weirdly, too."
There is some really good data in here, linked in the box at the end of the newsletter.

Visualizing the Holocaust's Impact
"My 5th great grandfather had a lot of descendants--until the Holocaust. Visualizing how the #Holocaust impacted just this one family can help, at least a little, to understand the impact to families and towns across Europe. "
Take a look at the link below for the very useful tool used in this article.
(via Dorothy King)

A Decade of Urban Transformation, Seen From Above
"To grasp the scale of this decade of change, The Upshot worked with Tim Wallace and Krishna Karra from Descartes Labs, a geospatial analytics company, using a tool that has itself evolved significantly over this time: satellite imagery."
(via Soph Warnes' Fair Warning newsletter)

Run, paste, publish — how scripts help us to rapidly respond to news
Marie-José Kolly of NZZ Visuals, a Swiss media organisation, has written a very good summary of how NZZ runs rapid response scripts that allow its journos to quickly delivery data analyses and visualizations.
This is going to be handy for a few data journalists and freelancers I know (e.g. me).

General Election 2019 Constituency Results
From the House of Commons Library team, this is a set of simple visualizations of the General Election 2019, which stands out for a simple reason: it shows results grouped by county, something I haven't seen in a while. 

Premier League Average Weekly Wages £
Oh, a beautiful bar chart race! By from the author of "The Price of Football".
(via Chris Weston)

In Europe, speaking more than one language is still a privilege
"Multilingualism is one of the founding principles of the European Union, but only one in five Europeans can speak two languages other than their own – even though the picture is improving. What really makes the difference is the effectiveness of language teaching and exposure to foreign languages."
Age is interesting. If you compare two age groups by their knowledge of a second foreign language, there's only one country where the 55-64 age group does it better than the 25-34 age group. Guess...

Modelling salary and gender in the tech industry
"In this post, I use the most recent year’s salary data to explore how salary is affected by the gender of the respondent."
An interesting analysis of the Stack Overflow yearly survey.

Italy: doing politics with politicians’ money
"After the abolition of direct public funding of politics in 2013, Italy intended to increase private donations. However, the numbers tell a different story: little funding comes from “big donors”, while a lot comes from elected representatives. Meanwhile, the absence of direct public funding in Italy remains a European anomaly."
The key phrase that made me jump and fall off my chair: "Analysing the data contained in the more than 800-page PDF made available by the Chamber of Deputies..."
Hats off to this data analysis by Ornaldo Gjergij and Gianluca De Feo.
The list of 2019 visualization list
There's dozens of such lists, but Maarten Lambrechts is Maarten Lambrecths, therefore this one deserves a link.

FiveThirtyEight – Our Data
Wonderful initiative: "We’re sharing the data and code behind some of our articles and graphics. We hope you’ll use it to check our work and to create stories and visualizations of your own."
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