August 1, 2017
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Folks, I'm not proud of what I'm about to tell you.

I spent a chunk of yesterday arguing with emotional hypochondriacs on Facebook over the excellent Jeff Deist speech delivered before the Corax conference in Malta.

(More on that speech tomorrow.)

I did the very thing I'm always telling people is a waste of time.


There's a silver lining.

I saved a few screenshots for you.

This particular person, who argued that a decentralist speech delivered by an antiwar, free-market thinker was kind of like fascism, kept trying to get me to admit that fascism and libertarianism share some similarities.

No can do, of course.

He then said I favored establishing Old Testament law over society, a position I've never held. I asked him for a link to where I said that (that's where the below gets started). I never got one, of course (for the good reason that no such link exists).

After having done my best to advance rational arguments in other threads of this discussion, I got a little silly in this one. Every time he answered, I promoted the Contra Cruise. He later accused me of being angry, but I'm pretty sure you can see who the angry one is.

Now if you missed my email from yesterday (shame, shame), you might not know the context. But in a way, that doesn't matter: haven't we all encountered someone like my friend here, who can't name a single aspect of libertarianism that overlaps with fascism, but who's just sure the overlap must exist?

By the way, you know where you WON'T encounter fascism:
Tom Woods
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