August 13, 2017
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Someone just told me that a Facebook friend of his wondered why I hadn't chimed in on Facebook with some boilerplate about how opposed I am to fascism, in light of the Charlottesville march this weekend.

Why, it can only mean one thing. Etc.

Actually, you know what it means?

I have a life outside the madness.

Yesterday I went on a biplane ride with Veronica, my 12-year-old daughter:

And today my 14-year-old daughter, Regina, received the Sacrament of Confirmation at Incarnation Catholic Church in Orlando.

So yeah, I've been doing that.

But in general, I'm not the sort of person to say obvious things like: I'm against slavery! Everyone in 2017 is against slavery.

The attention-starved virtue-signalers who are so at pains to let everyone know about their opposition to slavery -- at a time when everyone obviously agrees -- are precisely the people who would have been least likely to oppose slavery when it really counted.

Likewise, I don't feel it necessary to proclaim to the world, "I'm against fascism!" Well, duh. That should be obvious from 12 books, nearly one thousand podcast episodes, and hundreds of articles and speeches.

No matter what we do or say, leftists will call libertarians -- all libertarians, including the left-libertarian virtue-signalers -- Nazis. These are not people known for their deep study of intellectual history. To them, capitalism = Nazi.

There's no way to appease idiots like that, and I'm not going to compromise my dignity to try.

Anyway, I thought you might enjoy what Tom Woods Show guest and general good-guy Stephan Kinsella had to say about a "we libertarians are anti-fascist" petition we've been urged to sign. Stephan's views mirror mine exactly (and I did make a couple of small contributions to what follows):

I've been exhorted by several libertarians to "sign" onto a document called "Restating the Obvious: An Open Letter from the Libertarian Movement", posted on a free blogsite of the type beloved by budget-minded libertarian nyms (

The document meanders around and seems to finally get around to the point that "It is necessary ... for libertarians to restate the exceedingly obvious and insist on the stark differences between our views and those of anyone with any affinity for National Socialist Germany." I.e. to sign onto this letter.

I don't plan to sign this for several reasons.

1. It's not clear who wrote it. So there is a trust and veracity element here.

2. Many of the signatories are odious, untrustworthy types with whom one does not want to ally, such as Horwitz and Palmer.

2a. For all I know many of the signatories are not full libertarians, i.e. are minarchists are even worse, that is, mini-statists who do in fact support institutionalized aggression in various forms. I have no desire seek the support of people who don't consistently oppose aggression, in making a statement opposing aggression.

3. One has reasonable suspicion that this is just a setup, an attempt to basically blackmail people into signing it under the implicit threat that anyone who doesn't sign will be presumptively labeled pro-Nazi etc. I don't give in to such blackmail, especially from anonymous and people I don't respect. These people can choose another victim, as this boy ain't bitin'. I've got the face without pain or fear or guilt.

4. As with most things libertarian, it's on yet another free blogpress site so who knows how temporary it is.

5. Whoever controls the site could edit the text at any time after someone signs it, just making it appear that a signatory endorses positions that he did not. Who can trust a nym or anonymous source not to alter the text?

6. It reeks of virtue-signalling. As a friend told me, "the self importance is off the charts. Nobody cares about this petition and nobody is waiting for an official statement from libertarians no one has ever heard of. Plus, the presumption that we might have some connection to fascism is so ridiculous from the start that it is an insult to be asked."

For all we know the next one to come along will be a manifesto for all white male libertarians to sign pledging to stop beating their wives.

7. It is in fact *not* necessary, since among *all other* political factions in society, libertarians are those *most opposed* to aggression and thus to all institutionalized forms of aggression, such as fascism and naziism, as well as welfare statism, communism, democracy, and so on, as explained by Hoppe here:

“There can be no socialism without a state, and as long as there is a state there is socialism. The state, then, is the very institution that puts socialism into action; and as socialism rests on aggressive violence directed against innocent victims, aggressive violence is the nature of any state.” –Hans-Hermann Hoppe, A Theory of Socialism and Capitalism, pp. 148-49 (

It is incumbent on all libertarians to oppose the state in general, not merely to have an isolated opposition to one form of the state, i.e. National Socialism (…/the-nature-of-the-state-a…/).

I.e. it is *least* necessary for a consistent, principled, radical libertarian to condemn Naziism. *Everyone already knows* we oppose Naziism. No one is confused about this. No one. Everyone *else* needs to come out against Naziism and fascism, instead, and take it to its consistent conclusions and become full libertarians.

7a. The moment these people oppose Obamacare, the leftists whose good graces they are so desperate to attract will call them Nazis anyway. There is no appeasing malicious people, and I don't intend to try.

7b. I, myself, personally, have devoted my entire avocation for three decades now to championing reason, individualism, liberty, and rights, and to opposing aggression, illiberalism, and the state. I've done enough, thank you. My positions are clear: more than most of my fellow libertarians, I oppose aggression, both private and public, root and branch. I'm not going to be arm-twisted by some virtue-signalers into repeating myself by joining some statement less clear and precise than my own very clearly stated views (see e.g. “What Libertarianism Is”…/…/what-libertarianism-is/ ).

Like Rand said of Mises--leave me alone--I've done enough.


I became a libertarian in part because of love for reason and independence and opposition to bullying. Nobody, but nobody, is gonna intimidate me, bully me into speaking for me. I speak for myself. Loudly and clearly.

Right on.

Now before I sign off, a happy note: my friend Brad Birzer of Hillsdale College was recently named interim president and CEO of The American Conservative magazine and its parent non-profit organization.

Right now, Brad is running rather an extraordinary promotion: 12 print issues of The American Conservative for a mere $12.

I get no kickback from this, in case you're wondering. Just helping out a good friend, and a good cause.

Get it here:


Tom Woods
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