December 22, 2014
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My Most Personal Episode Ever --

Can It Teach You Something?
In the process of doing my own 2014 year in review on my show last week, I shared some testimony about a serious personal failing -- my obsession with work. I shared it in the interest of honesty and to get it off my chest, but also because I know many people in our circles who have the same problem.

The show notes page for this episode has a list of everything I did this year. You're going to like these new show notes pages if you haven't seen them already. I craft them myself in order to enhance your experience of listening to the show. Everything discussed is there -- links to articles and books mentioned, guest information, related episodes, and more.

Whether or not you share my problem, I think you may find episode #309 interesting!


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Woods Hiatus

The last episode of my show for 2014 will be released tomorrow, December 23. Your refreshed and rested host will return on January 5, 2015! (This will give you a chance to catch up on episodes you may have missed....)

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Remember, the audiobook version of my new book Real Dissent: A Libertarian Sets Fire to the Index Card of Allowable Opinion, with me reading it, is available for free via the link you'll find at, the book site. It's also available in paperback and in a very inexpensive Kindle edition. I hope you enjoy it!

Jan 24, 2015
Mises Circle in Houston
Houston, TX

April 9, 2015
American University
Washington, DC

April 25, 2015
Event in the works!
Montreal, Canada

May 22, 2015
Event in the works!
Dublin, Ireland

The Cops: Is It a Case of Bad Apples?

Are the cases of police abuse we hear about caused by a few bad apples, or is the problem with the institution itself? Michael Malice offers a provocative answer.

Is $2 Gas the Worst Thing to Happen to America?

Of course not. But it sure is fashionable to say so these days. Economist Bob Murphy joins us to overturn this fashionable view.

The Torture Report, and What It Left Out

What are we to make of the Senate committee report on the CIA's use of torture? Scott Horton gives you the only briefing you'll need -- complete with the information the report left out. MUST LISTEN!

School vs. Education

There’s more to education than formal schooling. It’s time to embrace better, more effective, and more humane models of education, says Brett Veinotte.

How the West Abolished Slavery

When we consider the significance of the abolition of slavery, a ubiquitous and seemingly entrenched institution, it’s surprising how little many of us know about how it actually happened. Jim Powell shares the story with us!
Hillary Clinton: The Military-Industrial Candidate

So the Democrats are for peace and the Republicans are for war, huh? Then why is the Democrats’ leading candidate a consistent hawk? Kelly Vlahos and I discuss the real Hillary Clinton in this episode.

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