March 2, 2016
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Neocon Has Amnesia,
Doesn't Welcome My Help

Poor Max Boot, the Council on Foreign Relations man. He's forgotten his own views.

He took to Twitter the other day to condemn Donald Trump. Trump, he said, would govern like a "strongman."

That's right: a neocon worried about a strong executive.

If the neocons hadn't cheered and promoted every precedent by which the imperial presidency had been erected, it would be a teensy bit easier to take Max's sudden concern seriously.

So I replied to Boot, with gentle sarc
asm: "Max Boot, on the other hand, has always favored mild executives who humbly execute the laws."

Max replied by calling me a "neo-Confederate."

I fired back a few times, pointing out that the leftism of the neocons was coming through in Boot's use of the Marxian neologism "neo-Confederate," and noting that Max is a war propagandist with a record of being wrong that rivals Bill Kristol's.

Now I know a few of you might wish to scold me -- "What do these exchanges accomplish, Woods?"

Well, if they accomplish nothing else, they entertain me, and I think I'm entitled to my fun.

But Boot, a CFR Establishment man, is the kind of person who in the pre-Internet days would have been one of the gatekeepers of approved opinion. In the Internet age, we don't have to put up with that stuff anymore. He needs to be exposed, ridiculed, opposed, and smashed. Period.

Like most neocons, Boot has virtually no objection to the standard version of U.S. history, which is why he detested my Politically Incorrect Guide to American History.

Oh, and I told him: this video is for you. And to my readers: if you haven't seen my zombie video, it's aimed at every thought controller, like Boot, who ever lived. Click on the video below to get the full video with audio. This is my revenge against the media and against anyone who would try to win an argument by intimidation.
Thanks for reading,
P.S. That's Bob Murphy as the zombie. Bob and I are hosting a cruise later this year, and it's going to be a blast. I hope you'll join us:
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