February 3, 2015
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If You Listen to Only One Thing From

Me This Year, Let It Be This
The Mises Institute held a special event on secession in late January. Ron Paul, Lew Rockwell, and I, among others, were slated to speak.

Here's where things get interesting.

A Washington Post reporter was in attendance. We all knew the angle: tsk, tsk, Ron Paul! Your son is trying to be respectable, and here you are with awful people saying forbidden things about secession.

So I pretty much directed my own speech entirely at this reporter. I think my remarks take on a whole new dimension when you realize that the hatchet man is sitting right there, forced to listen to me for half an hour.

I have a feeling you'll enjoy this. And if you do, please share it!

Here's How to Get My Free eBook,

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Remember, my free eBook 14 Hard Questions for Libertarians -- Answered is now available. I think there was a problem for Android devices last time with the Kindle link, so here's what I'll do: click here to go to a page on my site where you can find the Kindle, PDF, and now EPUB versions. Enjoy!
Great Opportunity for Students
Be a summer fellow at the Mises Institute! If you're a graduate student doing work in the Austrian tradition, this is a wonderful opportunity to be mentored by great economists, to have access to an outstanding library, and to get helpful feedback on your work from your peers. When I was a resident scholar at the Mises Institute (2006-2010), I looked forward every year to the new batch of summer fellows. It's a fantastic experience. Click here to find out more.
I'm Coming Back to Houston
Bob Murphy and I are doing an event with Liberty on the Rocks Houston on February 18, starting at 6pm. Bob and I will speak, and then (what else?) it's karaoke. It's taking place at Hefley's Bar and Grill, 138 W. Gray Street. See you there! And do RSVP on the Facebook event page.

February 18, 2015
Liberty on the Rocks Houston
Houston, TX

April 9, 2015
American University
Washington, DC

April 25, 2015
Event in the works!
Montreal, Canada

May 22, 2015
Event in the works!
Dublin, Ireland

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