The city of Reno is re-evaluating their laws regarding the adult entertainment industry and the Wild Orchid Sign. Read how you can make a difference in our community!
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Your Voice Matters!

Your voice matters! For years I’ve stood side by side with thousands in Reno fighting against sex trafficking and commercial sexual exploitation. During this time, I’ve had the privilege to hear from people who want to make a difference in a meaningful way. We now have a great opportunity to make a significant impact in our city as Reno City Council is re-evaluating its strip club laws.
Last Thursday, a meeting was held concerning the proposed changes. This meeting was brought on because the majority of current strip clubs are located in areas that are no longer zoned for adult entertainment businesses.
First, the good news. The ordinance would prohibit the Wild Orchid’s digital sign from being displayed on the corner of California and Virginia Street!
Secondly, the mixed news. The proposed new ordinance, if approved by City Council, could require existing strip clubs to move out to appropriately zoned areas or stop the sale of alcohol within two years. If they choose to stay in their current location and no longer sell alcohol, these strip clubs will allow full nudity and move to an 18 and older club.  This would allow 18-year-old boys still in high school to legally enter into and participate in these establishments.
The crowd at the meeting was mixed as it was primarily attended by strip club owners, club managers, lawyers procured by the strip clubs and club dancers and performers; there were in attendance Awaken supporters, pro-Awaken politicians and concerned citizens, but we need a stronger presence of our supporters and Christian business-persons. 
Those that profit from the sex industry in Reno did not react kindly to the proposed changes. The ordinance even stated that strip clubs cause "negative secondary effects" such as drug use, prostitution and sexual assault, which was loudly contested by the pro-strip club contingents. I applaud the City of Reno's acknowledgement of the secondary effects and the need to take action, but I believe more needs to be done to ensure the final proposed ordinance that will go before City Council is one that is best for our community and those stuck in the sex industry.
To have your voice heard, click here and we will add you to our advocacy database specifically used to alert you of opportunities to attend meetings and send in emails. It is important that City Council hears more than the unkind reactions from the strip club owners and benefactors. They will do their best to ensure nothing changes. Your voice matters and you can make a difference. Please join us in this fight. 

Melissa Holland
Founder, Executive Director
My Voice Matters
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